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Re: So... About that Duke Nukem Remake/Reload/Remastered/Reanything
Originally Posted by BadRix View Post
Indeed, Half-Life was an incredible game, but how many times did you replay it? I didn't replay it at all. I was a cool run, nice story and (most importantly) was something different and new.
I hardly ever replay a shooter these days, do you know which shooters I replay? Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, quake, Hexen, Duke Nukem 3D, Jedi Knight... those are the kinda games I replay, even today...
You are generalizing replayability for games based on your personal preferences.
I've replayed Half-Life many times, and have also done so with the Black Mesa mod.
Same with HL2 and it's Episodes.

You personally can't find replayability in newer games, but that doesn't mean it's not there.
I, and many others, replay games a LOT. It has nothing to do with linear, open ended or if it uses the "maze like/key hunt" level design of the 90s.
It's about the quality and enjoyment of the level design itself.

The only games I don't replay, are games I don't enjoy. Games that I felt were poorly made, boring... tedious and just plain bad.

Redneck Rampage and Dark Forces, two games I love, but they both suffer from absolutely awful level design at times. Simply... horrid.
Even DN3D had it's fare share of really bad levels. Most of Episode 2 is just... meh.
Shadow Warrior, and even my all time favorite Blood.
And the thing is, a lot of developers that made these classic games we all love... have said many times on their own how horrible level design was in the 90s.
Craig Hubbard has talked some on the issues and restrictions of level design on Blood. Even George has mentioned DN3D's short comings in level design.
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