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Re: Obama signs bailout for 3D Realms
I visit 3DR's site once or twice a year to see if Hell has frozen over with DNF. I'm disturbed but not surprised to hear of the problems. I wondered who would finance the DNF team for a dozen years with no product to sell to begin with.

It is my hope that the good people who have worked on this effort land on their feet, hopefully to continue this project somewhere/somehow. That this product has failed to make it to market should be a textbook case of bad management to be tought in econ classes for decades to come. DNF is a goldmine waiting to happen, even in this economy.

Whatever obsessive-compulsive twitch has held this product from release over these years needs to be removed and under some sort of new management and/or company the creative minds need to be set to task. Let that mutha fly, boys. Every console/PC out there has an Interweb connection, fix it post-release.

Godspeed to you all.
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