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Triad Re: Best ROTT Editor?
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Except for one thing. The ROTT modding community is almost nonexistant (kind of disappointed, was hoping to see more of you guys), and I can't decide what editor to use. RottEd seems to be the most intuitive as far as the interface goes, although for whatever reason, the grid is all stretched out. I'm assuming it's either Windows XP not liking the program, or the fabulous VGA icons I got from here.
The ROTT modding community may be virtually non-existent now, but wait till you see my "Final ROTT" project. I'm tweaking some of the levels to work well with WinRott, but I've been working on this baby since 1999, and it will be the single greatest ROTT episode ever (and can run with or without WinRott, although some of the cool features will not show up without WinRott).

And yes, ROTTed is the best.
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