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Duke candy
Come on, Duke was seriously popular back in the 90's. Why did you make no attempts at making candies to profit from the popularity?

I got some idea's:
  • Duke nukem's beans: Jelly beans of assorted colors with little Nuke symbols.
  • Duke nukem's ball sack: Flesh colored sack filled with chocolate and white chocolate candy balls.
  • Duke nukem's cock-rockets: Chocolate roosters with cream filling.
  • Duke nukem's A.N.U.S. patrol (Assorted nuget filled Uniformed space marines): Little chocolate space marines filled with nuget.
  • Duke nukem's big salty nuts: Leaving the candy section we move onto snacks. Nuts are very good any time snacks that everyone loves.
  • Duke nukem's pink taco: Pink colored taco. Who doesn't like taco's?

The possibilites are endless and you can make tons of money from this, you can use that money to possibly complete DNF and it's supposed sequel. If you got any other idea's for some candy (or any foods) then go ahead and name them.
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