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Re: Rumor: Gearbox Reviving Duke Nukem Forever
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Creative solution indeed.

I agree that whatever work was being done on Duke Begins *may* have now
been incorporated into Duke Nukem Forever via Gearbox with a release date of
wait for it:


Seriously, I don't want to hear about the game unless it's done at this point. If the DNF situation is addressed at PAX without a "it's done" or street date announcement, I'll be let down big time.

If the game isn't done, DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I don't care. We just want to hear the game is done, not being "worked on"(although positive news, I agree) it's just tiring to hear "it's being worked on".

I'd actually prefer everyone stay quiet on the game unless it's done.
He has got a good point there, couldn't agree more, unless IT'S DONE, jumping up and down and turning around won't do us any good, that's what DNF has taught us.
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