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Re: So... About that Duke Nukem Remake/Reload/Remastered/Reanything
As it stands, Duke Nukem is owned by Gearbox, they dictate what happens next to Duke. 3D Realms controls everything Duke until DNF, everything DNF and onwards is all Gearbox.

Any remakes including Duke Nukem: Reloaded is really a grey area, Interceptor tried to make a new Duke Nukem game behind Gearbox's back (speculation) thinking they still had some rights but all that lead to was a lawsuit so i am guessing that for 3D Realms' and Interceptors sake they stay well clear of anything Duke Nukem.
Here we go folks... The rarest creature in nature... The Duketard. I will now approach him very quitely and... Jam my thumb in his butt hole. That should REALLY piss him off!.
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