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Re: So... About that Duke Nukem Remake/Reload/Remastered/Reanything
Hmmm... Noted. To be honest I have tried all of those DN mods out there. The AMC Team (Wow what a mod... It needs to be finished soon) Attrition, Duke 64 (Excelent port from Fox), Weapons of Mass Destruction, Duke Plus... I have got to be honest, I need to try the Eternity one though, that one looks so fun! Thanks a lot for these!

It's a shame that it did not end well, it had so much potential as we have saw the early images. I see that the new ROTT was not that good but damn, Shadow Warrior reboot is such an awesome game (Even though made by other company) that it enlightened my mind a bit. I dunno if there will be another reboot project, but, well, we are waiting for a good DN game for a pretty long time! (Thanks to the fan base for having such awesome mods!) I thought like they would explore Duke's past, which could certainly draw attention for the story and bla bla bla... But ohh well.

I do believe only time is going to answer us that question. I just hope we don't wait like another decade for the next DN game... And it ends badly as Forever.
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