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Re: So... About that Duke Nukem Remake/Reload/Remastered/Reanything
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SW is how you do a reboot/remake.
ROTT 2013 is not.
SW was a great reboot. It missed one thing however: open, non-lineair levels. Some levels were just too 'corridor-minded'. Just like in the original game, I want to get lost...I want to explore.

When are companies going to learn? If you do a reboot: look at the original game for succes. There are so many bad remakes out there and they still don't get it. Look how an awsome game like 'Syndicate' turned out to be. Thousands of fans were eager to play that game and then...kablam...EA put out another mediocre FPS-game to please the casual gamer. What were they thinking?
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