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Re: So... About that Duke Nukem Remake/Reload/Remastered/Reanything
Originally Posted by BadRix View Post
It's far better than the 'one-way-only'-leveldesign of modern shooters. I actually liked searching for an exit. A lot of classic games had maze-like levels, or at least levels where you had to look around. Look at the original Wolfenstein 3D, it actually had mazes in it. Simple leveldesign makes for zero replayability.
Guess that's why everybody hates Half-Life so much. Oh... wait...

Linear level design in no way makes a bad game, or an un-replayable one.
Sorry, but as it stands, BulletStorm, Wolf: The New Order, Shadow Warrior (2013) and Singularity are some of my type shooters of recent years.

All linear. But all incredibly fun, and I've replayed all a lot.

Linear does not equal bad.
Just like everything else in gaming it comes down to how well it's designed, and how it's used. Even open ended games can feature awful level design and end up terrible excuses for games.

And, I'll gladly take a game like Wolf:TNO or Shadow Warrior over a maze like key hunt. While I love Blood, Doom, Duke... and several others... each had plenty of levels with simply awful level design and poorly laid out key placements.
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