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Re: So... About that Duke Nukem Remake/Reload/Remastered/Reanything
I fully understand the "hollywood-shooter" theme. Those to me are CoD and BF. Their campaigns are lifeless Michael Bay style explosion porn with no "meat". It's all style and no substance.

And yes, Blood stands as my favorite shooter ever. And it has some truly amazing levels, but even it has a couple that just... don't measure up.
The expansion "Plasma Pak" is the worst offender. Using levels from an alpha build of Blood it's levels lack some of the polish and greatness of the full game's designs.

And yeah, nostalgia can be a huge player in how we view things... even without us knowing.
It can also blind people to things in new games that share an older name. It's been no secret that I didn't enjoy the new RotT remake, but, so many people blindly defended the game even before it's release based solely on the nostalgia they had for the original.

And Micky C, George made his comment on DN3D's level design back when 3DR were porting DN3D to Xbox Live.
It was on this forum, but it was several, several years ago. Back before the 2009 layoff/shut down drama.

Craig doesn't talk much, and it's even harder to find quotes from him. Mostly he only really does podcast stype interviews, and it was about a 30+ minute long interview where he made one comment on being limited on what was possible level design wise and not being a fan of find key, go here, find key go there...
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