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Re: Alphas/Betas, When will they be released?
Originally Posted by Mikko_P View Post
OK, so if releasing Alpha/Beta material of Duke Nukem 3D is no longer the choice of 3D Realms.

Has the release of Duke3D's Alpha/Beta material something to do with GearBox owning all the rights to Duke Nukem franchise?
Yes... everything to do with it.

Here is an article about it... Here

Here are some posts from Duke4 that confirm some of the effects of the lawsuit... You could read the thread, but it is long and full of speculation. These are vague, but facts and should provide enough information to get the idea of what happened. Of course the terms are not public.

Post 1 (TerminX)
Post 2 (Fredrick Schreiber)
Post 3 (Fredrick Schreiber)
Post 4 (TerminX)

YES! I do wear my Duke Xtreme t-shirt every day!* :)

*(Not really, sometimes I wear my Time to Kill t-shirt... like while I am washing my other Duke shirts for instance.)
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