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Re: Duke Nukem Review
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Wasn't this reported half a century ago when it was valid news?
There's nothing new on these forums, so it's appropriate to repost some more old stuff.

There are probably some people who didn't know about Zero Punctuation and will get some laughs from the dozens of game reviews on that section of the website, so this thread serves a useful purpose. He slates some games a lot more than DNF.

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Originally Posted by Jeager1999 View Post
Don't know who that guy is, but that British F&cker better watch what he says about Duke or I take his crumpets and shove them up his water loo
Nice try, but you've got the slang wrong. A loo is a toilet and "water" is redundant in that context.

He might be Australian, anyway. That's where he lives.

EDIT: Just in case anyone is wondering about weird British slang: it dates back to the days when it was quite normal for people to empty their chamber pots out the window into the street. In France, this was usually preceeded by the warning 'gardez l'eau', which for some reason was adopted in England and Anglicised into "gardey loo".
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