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Re: The Official Doctor Who Thread
<table><tr><th><font size="-1">Spoiler below:</font></th></tr><tr><td class="spoiler">

The whole point of the scariness of the daleks is that you don't know what's in them. Sure the oldbies know, but it's wrecked part of the scariness for a whole load of newbies

<table><tr><th><font size="-1">Spoiler below:</font></th></tr><tr><td class="spoiler">That's been shown a few times already in the past - this was really nothing new. We've seen the inside of a Dalek before.


Most everyone seems to forget the issue of going up stairs was resolved already back in 1988 in Sylvester McCoy's Dalek story. And a couple of years before that, Davros hovered in Colin Baker's Dalek story, too.
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