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Re: the wolfenstein 3-d v1.3 thing
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I read this last night. I replied to it, but something was causing a problem with my previewing and posting my response, so I decided to wait until today to respond. I see that Joe has responded, so I am going to answer that post with everything I wanted to say to and ask him.

In answer to this one, yes I have read it, but somehow, re-reading it for about the 5th time, I finally noticed the majority of the paragraph Joe wrote on the 1.3 issue. Now that I have a few of my answers, I can proceed with less question of events, and hopefully, more answers.

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Asa, he has a point. The reason there isn't a 1.3 is largely due to me. There isn't any more detail to give you beyond what's in that story. Really - not every piece of info from the past has reams of info you can find.
I re-read that interview again last night, just to see if I had missed something before. It seems I did. I missed the majority of the paragraph you devoted to Wolfenstein 3-D. I see you are the one who saw it, reported it to Apogee, who reported it to Id, who decided to not have a v1.3

That is answered. As to there not being anything more, you'd be surprised how much you can remember if the right questions are asked.

Originally Posted by Joe Siegler View Post
You're not going to find it, either I would suspect. The reason is because after id/Apogee issued a statement on it (summer of 92), I never ever saw it again anywhere.
I already know that it is like finding a needle in a mountain of sand. That is not new. What is new is that I finally can ask the source the questions that just might lead me to a copy of it. If you saw it, someone else did too, and they kept it.

Originally Posted by Joe Siegler View Post
And again, you're basing a lot of your dates and versions on things that exist because I DID THEM. I know what/when these things were built, your lists are not exactly accurate. Also, changing of the installer usually changed the time/date stamps, that does NOT mean a new version, just a new version of the installer. They are NOT the same. You're trying to invent parts of history that didn't exist, dude. As the person who was responsible for that stuff at Apogee/3DR for 16 years, I know what I'm talking about.
The dates in my versions list are the dates in the created or modified dates of the different archives I've found, both installer dates (where an installer is included) and the game file dates. I know that I have duplicates. I have them because the archive contents are different. If I find a duplicate where the only thing different is the filename, I don't keep that copy, but make note of the fact that an archive by that name existed when I found it.

My questions are:

1. When you "saw" the game, how did you see it?

a. It was being played, and I just watched them play it.
b. I read about it in a BBS, Information Service, or Internet forum.
c. I saw screen shots that were from the game.
d. I found it in a downloads section of a BBS, Information Service or Internet ftp site.
e. I grabbed a copy and played it.

2. Was it the full game (shareware, or registered), or just data file replacements of the textures, sprites, graphics and/or music?

3. What version of the original game was it based on?

a. 1.0
b. 1.1
c. 1.2

4. In another post, you referred to a beta tester you know that collects everything, and even saved an alpha of the EGA version. Do you think it is possible that he may have collected it?

5. Would you consider asking him/her if they have it, and if they do, would they be willing to part with a copy for my archives?

You have my permission to provide them with my email address. I can PM that to you, if you want to try to find out for me.
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