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im a newbie here.
but i never been a newbie as for knowin what a Dopefish is.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
im 15 now and i can remmember when i was 4 i used to spend days watching my dad sit and work on he`s computer..
then one day he fired up a game named Commander Keen. Goodbye galaxy.

whoa i had to try that one..!
and that was the first time i ever played a pc game...
well suddently i came to a swim level and this big green fish was following me. hmmm?
i used to admire that fish and i drawed pic`s of it and stuff.
and man i just got internet and im really into that game Named Anachronox.
and then i was introduced to this website.
and see all the webpages you guys have made.
and i really want to be with you.!
so im asking what should i do to make a really good dopefish page?