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Re: Rollback Possibly Required
Originally Posted by rodrigames View Post
Ladies and Gentlemen of 3d Realms, I'm sorry to say this, but it may be necessary to roll back Hocus Pocus from version 1.1 to 1.0 in the 3d Realms Anthology, because I understand that according to the help file, hphelp.exe, the official 1.1 patch only adds one feature, which is direct support for the long-remembered Gravis GamePad (It doesn't say so anymore when reading the help file included in the anthology version, but it still does say so when reading the one included in shareware version 1.1, which still counts as valid reference, I can tell you that.) and as the dirty, rotten cheater that I am when it goes as far as single-player gaming, I'm willing to sacrifice support for an accessory controller in order to be able to use either of the four existing trainers that I dug up so far, all four of which I don't believe were ever updated to work with this official 1.1 patch. Again, I apologize for advising any downgrades to any video games on any systems, but I hope you're willing to let me slide just this one time, just because this particular rollback doesn't destabilize this particular game any. Thank you and you're welcome.
We've been selling v1.1 since Oct 5, 1994. I doubt anyone would still have the v1.0 builds anymore, even if we were inclined to do something like that.
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