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Altered Reality

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A couple of old maps I made in 1997
Today I was doing some cleanup, I found a bunch of old floppies and decided to check if they were still readable. Some of them weren't, but I've been able to copy to my hard drive the contents of most of them. I even found 2 Duke3D maps I made in 1997 and I thought I lost.

A couple of words about them:
- AREA51.MAP is supposed to be played first, and RETICULI.MAP next. The story is simply about Duke storming Area 51, reaching a hidden alien spaceship and using it to fly to a planet in the Zeta Reticuli system to kick more alien ass.
- AREA51.MAP is hard and there is a couple of tricky puzzles, but it can be completed. Just save the pipebombs (you get 3 of them, 2 of which will have to be used in specific locations) and be warned that you'll have to use the toilet a lot, because there aren't many medikits around.
- RETICULI.MAP is incomplete. When you reach the slimy green room with a normal door under the black ziggurat, that's it, no further progress can be made. You'll notice that I stopped working on it on September 2, 1997. That's when the "first DNF screenshot" (actually, the screenshot of a Quake 1 map done by someone at 3DRealms and used as a DNF mockup) was released, and I figured it'd be useless to continue working on it, with the sequel to Duke3D less than a year away. If I only knew...
- Some parts of the levels haven't been made by me. Specifically, the spaceship present at the end of the first level and the beginning of the second level, and the mock-Quake entryway you can access from the second level.
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