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Old 07-01-2009, 08:06 AM   #1

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Use detail textures, use glow textures = gfx driver crash
Running a computer with Vista 64 and any version of Intel's GMA drivers for the X3000 run many OpenGL games like Jedi Outcast and Doom 3 aswell as Direct3D without any problems. However, EDuke32 appears to crash the whole graphics driver, which recovers with the "igfx has stopped responding then recovered" message in the tray balloon and in some rarer cases, the whole machine bluescreens reporting wink32.sys.

The crashes decrease substantially once Use Detail Textures is disabled and end completly once Use Glow Textures is disabled too. This is not an overstressing issue because even if I tune all gfx options down, merely having those two on crashes it. The Glow Texture appears to crash the driver sometimes when switching weapons whereas the Detail Texture option ALWAYS crashes in the Duke Plus Hub when you are at a certain distance from the Blown Fuses OPEN door. So you can either open it from a distance and crash, or you can stick your face into the door, open it, then take a few steps back and it will always crash with detail textures on.

The problems are not limited to Duke Plus additions. They can also happen in E1M1. Are those two engine options written well?
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Re: Use detail textures, use glow textures = gfx driver crash
Are those two engine options written well?
Yes, but apparently Intel's video driver isn't if it fails when performing such trivial tasks as multitexturing. Polymost doesn't really do anything special, but it certainly has a propensity for exposing driver bugs.

By the way, the discussions from this specific forum have moved to You should consider posting there if you have any more problems as this section here isn't really updated anymore.
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Re: Use detail textures, use glow textures = gfx driver crash
Sounds sad dude. Okay I'm moving to the new forum.
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