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Old 01-07-2007, 07:37 PM   #1
oak man

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Unhappy JFSW keeps crashing!
JFSW keeps crashing! I don't know why.
"I hereby nominate 'DUDE!! Huge bag of cheetos!' for 'Best Topic Title of the Year, 2006.'"-ZzTX
"I vote oak man for supreme leader of the 3DR boards."-Tang Lung

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Re: JFSW keeps crashing!
Hm, you seem to have forgotten to post any useful information.
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oak man

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Re: JFSW keeps crashing!
yeah haha
Ok This is my JFSW log:
Detected registered GRP
SHADOW WARRIOR(tm) Version 1.2
Copyright (c) 1997 3D Realms Entertainment

Type 'SW -?' for command line options.

Initialising Windows DirectX/GDI system interface
Loading OPENGL32.DLL
Initialising DirectDraw...
- Loading DDRAW.DLL
- Enumerating display devices
* Primary Display Driver
- Creating DirectDraw object
Detecting video modes:
- 640x400 8-bit fullscreen
- 320x200 8-bit fullscreen
- 640x480 8-bit fullscreen
- 320x240 8-bit fullscreen
- 800x600 8-bit fullscreen
- 400x300 8-bit fullscreen
- 1024x768 8-bit fullscreen
- 512x384 8-bit fullscreen
- 1152x864 8-bit fullscreen
- 1280x600 8-bit fullscreen
- 1280x720 8-bit fullscreen
- 1280x768 8-bit fullscreen
- 1280x960 8-bit fullscreen
- 1280x1024 8-bit fullscreen
- 400x640 8-bit fullscreen
- 480x640 8-bit fullscreen
- 600x800 8-bit fullscreen
- 768x1024 8-bit fullscreen
- 384x512 8-bit fullscreen
- 864x1152 8-bit fullscreen
- 640x400 16-bit fullscreen
- 640x400 32-bit fullscreen
- 320x200 16-bit fullscreen
- 320x200 32-bit fullscreen
- 640x480 16-bit fullscreen
- 640x480 32-bit fullscreen
- 320x240 16-bit fullscreen
- 320x240 32-bit fullscreen
- 800x600 16-bit fullscreen
- 800x600 32-bit fullscreen
- 400x300 16-bit fullscreen
- 400x300 32-bit fullscreen
- 1024x768 16-bit fullscreen
- 1024x768 32-bit fullscreen
- 512x384 16-bit fullscreen
- 512x384 32-bit fullscreen
- 1152x864 16-bit fullscreen
- 1152x864 32-bit fullscreen
- 1280x600 16-bit fullscreen
- 1280x600 32-bit fullscreen
- 1280x720 16-bit fullscreen
- 1280x720 32-bit fullscreen
- 1280x768 16-bit fullscreen
- 1280x768 32-bit fullscreen
- 1280x960 16-bit fullscreen
- 1280x960 32-bit fullscreen
- 1280x1024 16-bit fullscreen
- 1280x1024 32-bit fullscreen
- 400x640 16-bit fullscreen
- 400x640 32-bit fullscreen
- 480x640 16-bit fullscreen
- 480x640 32-bit fullscreen
- 600x800 16-bit fullscreen
- 600x800 32-bit fullscreen
- 768x1024 16-bit fullscreen
- 768x1024 32-bit fullscreen
- 384x512 16-bit fullscreen
- 384x512 32-bit fullscreen
- 864x1152 16-bit fullscreen
- 864x1152 32-bit fullscreen
- 1024x768 8-bit windowed
- 800x600 8-bit windowed
- 640x480 8-bit windowed
- 640x400 8-bit windowed
- 512x384 8-bit windowed
- 480x360 8-bit windowed
- 400x300 8-bit windowed
- 320x240 8-bit windowed
- 320x200 8-bit windowed
- 1024x768 32-bit windowed
- 800x600 32-bit windowed
- 640x480 32-bit windowed
- 640x400 32-bit windowed
- 512x384 32-bit windowed
- 480x360 32-bit windowed
- 400x300 32-bit windowed
- 320x240 32-bit windowed
- 320x200 32-bit windowed
Initialising DirectInput...
- Loading DINPUT.DLL
- Creating DirectInput object
- Enumerating attached input devices
* MOUSE: Mouse
* KEYBOARD: Keyboard
- Creating keyboard device
- Creating mouse device
Initialising mouse
CONTROL_Startup: Mouse Present
RTS file sw.rts was not found
Initialising timer
mmulti: This machine's IP is
Loading sound and graphics...
initcache(): Initialised with 33554432 bytes
Setting video mode 640x480 (8-bit fullscreen)
- Creating primary surface
- Getting back buffer
- Allocating offscreen buffer
- Creating palette
Initializing MultiVoc...
- Maximum voices: 8
- Using 640 byte mixing buffers
Initializing DirectSound...
- Loading DSOUND.DLL
- Creating DirectSound object
- Creating primary buffer
- Setting primary buffer format
Channels: 2
Sample rate: 22050Hz
Sample size: 8 bits
- Creating secondary buffer
Fatal Signal caught: SIGSEGV. Bailing out.
Uninitialising DirectDraw...
- Releasing palette
- Releasing back-buffer surface
- Releasing primary surface
- Freeing offscreen buffer
- Releasing DirectDraw object
- Unloading DDRAW.DLL
Uninitialising DirectInput...
- Releasing keyboard device
- Releasing mouse device
- Releasing DirectInput object
- Unloading DINPUT.DLL
I've also noticed that it happens alot more when Im moveing near a mirror

Ok I found this really old thread, and I think this is the problem I have, It has files I need but they have gone the way of the dinosaurs
"I hereby nominate 'DUDE!! Huge bag of cheetos!' for 'Best Topic Title of the Year, 2006.'"-ZzTX
"I vote oak man for supreme leader of the 3DR boards."-Tang Lung

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Re: JFSW keeps crashing!
Can this link help.
If you will download some dll files ?

You are after the pack ??? or.....
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