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Old 02-17-2010, 01:40 PM   #1

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Frequent SWP Crash
Using SWP 4.2.8 (the latest on ProAsm's site at the time of writing) on Win7 64bit, SWP will crash and the log shows this:

Fatal Signal caught: SIGSEGV. Bailing out.
Uninitialising DirectDraw...
- Releasing DirectDraw object
- Unloading DDRAW.DLL
Uninitialising DirectInput...
- Releasing keyboard device
- Releasing mouse device
- Releasing DirectInput object
- Unloading DINPUT.DLL

This crash _always_ happens in the area to control the Yellow car in the first level, and in a secret area in the third level (the one where you jump off the cliff and fall very far into a lake). It might happen in other places too but Ive only played up to level 3 so far. Both give the same error message. What could be causing this?

EDIT: I just checked this in 4.2.4, and it does not crash at either area.
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Re: Frequent SWP Crash
It could be the 64 bit OS but not sure on that.
I am now also using Win7 and must admit I do get more crashes than ever before on Xp, although I do not crash where you are having problems.
The best is we work through it as I'm currently busy with 4.2.9 and its very different now.
I'll PM you my email address and we can try and solve your problem.
I've been working with Maren and Playtard as they had terrible crashing and freezing problems and its all sorted now and was mainly due to the Wave music that was introduced in 4.2.5.
I know this sounds crazy but try removing all .wav sounds in your music folder and what happens.

** edit **
4.2.7 and 4.2.8 is also compiled with Mingw 4.4.0 which has turned out very buggy so we have gone back to 4.3.3
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