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What DS or GameCube RPGs do you recommend?
Well, after having all my fun with my X360 and PC, I keep forgetting how much Nintendo has often been looked behind. Are there any RPGs for the GameCube that you think would be worth looking into, and possibly trading some games in for? Also, which of these games would you think would go well with the Wii's backwards compatibility?

As for the DS, RPGs are just starting to become more popular, they haven't been developing them too fast for the two screen handheld, but a touchscreen could bring an RPG that could rival a PC. What are some of the best handheld RPGs for DS?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: What DS or GameCube RPGs do you recommend?
I'm not real big into RPG's but "Mario and luigi: Partners in time" (along with the earlier GBA entry "superstar saga") is pretty ammusing and fun on the DS. And the upcomming "Contact" looks to be quite awesome. There's a few more traditional RPG's around that get varied reviews but since I haven't tried any of em I can't say.

AS for gamecube? Baten Kaitos is pretty well liked. Papermario is very cool although I find it takes ages to actually get going (but if you're dedicating a long time to play it doesn't matter). And fire emblem if you class it as an RPG but I'd describe it more as strategy.
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Re: What DS or GameCube RPGs do you recommend?
The gamecube is easy, considering there are virtually none on the system anyway, so I would recommend from what is already a pretty low number of games:

Tales of Symphonia, which is just brilliant and I highly recommend. In fact, this is one of the best exclusive games on the system [yeah I know, the Japanese did get a PS2 port but nobody else did, that's exclusive enough]

Paper Mario. The game is just genius all around, loads of dodgy Japanese style sexual innuendo and the battle system is terrific. Nice length as well.

Baiten Kaitos. Don't buy this until you've played it a while first, because the combat system that uses cards is not for everyone. Some people really like it [great graphics etc] and others utterly despise it after their first combat encounter goes horrible. It's a terrific game if you get past that limitation.

Skies of Arcadia. Once again a very awesome RPG but is heavily dated [graphics are poos!]. It's also a direct port of the old dreamcast version with some extra stuff [IIRC]. It's good though if you can get past the awful graphics.

That's pretty much it for gamecube RPGs that I would recommend. Other things are either action games pretending they are JapRPGs or they are just particularly poorly done. Sadly, the dearth of really good RPGs and platformers on the gamecube is what forced my decision to sell the system and get a PS2.
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