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AMD and Intel Settle Their Differences...
I was just reading this article, and it seems like AMD knows when enough is enough with Intel always stealing their spotlight in recent times. Seems like this article may favor in those that are looking more for a fair fight between the two big CPU companies, 'bout plumb time something like this happened:

Originally Posted by AnandTech - AMD and Intel Settle Their Differences
Out of this settlement come four major things for AMD:

1.$1.25 billion in cold, hard cash.
2.Intel will stop doing things that they and AMD agree they shouldn’t be doing.
3.The right to not have to produce x86 CPUs in-house. AMD can go fabless.
4.The right to have their x86 processors fabricated anywhere of AMD’s choosing.
However, it seems like Intel and AMD may have agreed on sharing the spotlight in this fashion:

The second concession to AMD is that Intel and AMD have come to an agreement on which business practices Intel is and isn’t allowed to engage in, which Intel will have to adhere to. This is a tricky thing, since as we stated before Intel hasn’t admitted to any wrongdoing, so we’re not quite sure what practices are in question. Intel claims that this won’t result in any changes for them, but we will hopefully have a better idea once the agreement is published by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Without any additional information, our best guess is that whatever Intel was doing specifically to drive AMD out of the market, they have or are going to stop doing it.
Well, guess this will probably do some good for those who want the choice between the two. I'm still wondering how to interpret this for the better, but I have to say, maybe this could be the answer to bring AMD back to the good old days, eventually. We'll see.

Link to Source:
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Old 12-06-2009, 10:20 PM   #2
Conan of Cooma
Re: AMD and Intel Settle Their Differences...
Ah, the good old days indeed.

When AMD were cheaper AND better!
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