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How can I play Duke it out in DC and Carribean Beech in DOSBox?
Hi all. I was wondering, how can I play Duke it out in DC and Caribbean Life's a Beech in DOSBox? I already have DN3D 1.3 and its working in DOSBox but I only have these files for the expansions but I don't know what to do with them:

Duke it out in DC:

DC folder and in it DC.GRP

Caribbean Life's a Beech:

Caribbean folder and in it CARIBBEAN.GRP

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The Dukenator

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Re: How can I play Duke it out in DC and Carribean Beech in DOSBox?
You need DN3D 1.5 (Atomic) to be able to play those, from what I recall.
You can hunt for the Plutonium Pak online, which updates your game to 1.4. Patch on 3D Realms site updates it to 1.5.
Or you could buy the Atomic edition and it would already be Duke3D 1.5.

For both Addon installations, look here:
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