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Old 06-02-2011, 02:12 AM   #1
Darkman 4
Duke Nukem Wiki revitalization
(this place is pretty much dead but its still a nice resource for old Duke info so I'll put it here for the guests that are looking through the old posts)

So I spent the last week or so getting the Duke Nukem Wiki up to par by adds lots of Duke Nukem Forever info. It’s DNF coverage was dismal so I fixed it up and gave all of the new stuff its own page instead of all being cluttered on one nasty-looking list page. The list pages are still there because they're useful. Hopefully this will encourage people to actually edit pages on the wiki. Oh yeah, the DNF pages have screenshots from the old 1997 mock-up shots/1998 trailer/1999 screenshots/2001 trailer showing how something looked back then if the subject of the page was in one of them.

I want to announce it now so that people will know about it before DNF and the demo come and maybe they will update it with new info when DNF comes out. I don't think anybody is going to care about a wiki if I announce it after DNF comes out.

I also added shitloads of info from LameDuke BECAUSE I CAN. Also I added pages for scrapped DN3D things like the Flamethrower, Sonic Resonator and the Snake Head enemy so that people don’t have to look through obscure forum threads here to learn about them, which is cool. –Duke Nukem Forever table of contents thingy – LameDuke table of contents – new and improved Duke Nukem 3D table of contents with things that were cut from the final game!!! WOW

Some of the pictures in the LameDuke sidebars look like shit but that’s because there’s some lame code in it that automatically resizes images. It looks good for screenshots but makes sprites look like ass.

I worked on some neato “portal” pages for each of the main Duke Nukem games in order to easily link to content from the front page. Wikia has some bullshit about them so they look like ass right now. I’m trying to get them working before DNF comes out, but the support guy sucks ass and says some PR crap when I try to press him on making portals work on the wiki. You can check them out here but they still need to be worked on. I will probably put them up before DNF comes out just so I can have them, even if Wikia staff are being idiots about activating them.

I did some misc technical changes that most people don’t care about BUT I DID THEM ANYWAYS.

Cool stuff that still needs to be done:

*Split the Duke Nukem 1 and 2 pages so that each subject (like the soda cans) have their own page. It looks nicer and gives the wiki more content.

*Improving the DN64 stuff. It looks kinda shit right now and if anyone has damage variables and the like for the DN64 weapons that would be great.

*Take stuff from the pre-release screenshots like the flamethrower and Enforcer and different-looking Pigcop and add them to the wiki.

*Add stuff from the final version of DNF when it comes out.

Hopefully this will actually inspire people to edit the wiki this time and make it THE HUB OF DUKE NUKEM INFO (probably not but at least it doesn’t look like ass anymore).
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Old 06-02-2011, 10:46 AM   #2

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Re: Duke Nukem Wiki revitalization
I was the one who started that wiki oh so long ago and was rather excited to get it up and running, I recall that I finally gave up when wikia changed its layout to every single wiki which destroyed every layout I spent months working on... really let me down.

The wiki is still my home page thought and I always intended to go back to it since I still have unreleased content that I wanted to get up one day. If you are fairly serious about trying to revitalize the thing I'd be up for getting back into it heavily and sharing my resources.
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