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Adding more weapons/enemies to ROTT
Is it possible to add new weapons or enemies in ROTT? Well, if the code of this game is so simple, then I think it will be easier than putting new weapons to Duke Nukem or any other game, including Doom.


The sequence of weapons could be:

1) Meele weapons (knife, excalibat, sword...)
2) Single pistol
3) Double pistol
4) MP40
5) The Enforcer gun (a bit slower than MP40, but stronger than it)
6) Super machine gun (faster than MP40 and deadly but spend ammo quickly!)
7) Any of the missile weapons
8) Darkstaff (but with more ammo, 15 or higher)
9) Death monk magic hand (fire speed would be faster)
10) Seeking Plasma Gun (SPG) (the seeking plasma of God hand, but with limited ammo of 5 plasmas. This is the only weapon that use technology and magic at the same time, and is as powerful as God Hand, but you won't become immortal, because that's just a weapon, not powerup.)

G button) The Enforcer grenades

All the weapons, except for the meeles would have finite ammo, but the bullet weapons wouldn't have ammo limit, so you could collect infinite ammo in theory. All bullet weapons would use the same ammo, so if you use pistol, you'll also use MP40 or Enforcer gun ammo too, like Wolf3d, where all weapons use the same ammo. If you can collect ammo in Wolf3d or Blake Stone, why not in ROTT?

All enemies would give you some ammo after defeated, like in Wolf3d.

No weapon needed to be reloaded, because this in ROTT would be so boring...

Missile weapons continue the way they are, with the same amount of ammo and strengh. Darkstaff, as a separate weapon, would have extra ammo. Death Monk magic hand is a magic or metallic glove that can fire fireballs, and this weapon could collect ammo, by getting other gloves. Each glove could give you 100 or 50 fireballs.

The rate of fire of the SPG would be slow, but its streght more than compensate the slow fire.

Some Enforcers, after death, drop one grenade that you can use later. Grenades would be useful where there are lots of Enforcers but no missile weapons present. Or even against robots.

In the case of Excalibat, you could continue to use the weapon even if all the magic is used, but it could only be used as a meele weapon. Only if you get another full charged Excalibat you can use its magic properties.

In the case of God Hand and Dog powerups, they could continue to exist, to keep the charm of the game. In the case of Dog to pass through some areas.


It would be interesting to add female versions of the enemies. In the 1990's, computer momory was low to support more enemies, but now with WinRottGL and powerful computers, it will be easy to add more enemies.

The mechanism: if, for example, in Rotted you put a strike team enemy, it could be male or female, as icons that could be lightning or low guards, or as the icons that are random enemies. So enemies being male or female would be a random factor, not separate enemies.

If another ROTT will be created, it now have to add female guards, a project that was cut off in the original ROTT.


Maybe it should have an item to increase the maximum health values, like in Duke Nukem. The increased maximum health would be helpful through the game, specially to kill the NME or Oscuro Snake. The original powerups and armors would continue to exist, to keep the charm of this game.


It would be interesting to create a new DARKWAR pack of levels, like my ambitious project. In my levels, extra weapons could be useful, specially where there are lots of enforcers and no missile weapon present.


The health indicator would be indicated by percentage number of health, not cilyndrical dots. The ammo of missile weapons, darkstaff and excalibat continue to be indicated by number of figures, but the bullets ammo would be indicated by numbers, not the infinite symbol. Only the knife or sword would have infinite symbol.

The life system would continue to exist and also the score indicator, as well as the time indicator. This is an old game, right? So score and life system must be included to keep the charm of the game.

I'm talking about all this for anyone who will make ROTT 2 or at least a mod.
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