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OpenGL32.dll versions
I'm curious if anybody here knows anything about the OpenGL DLL files?

The main thing that I am wondering about is if this file is pretty much always the same on all Windows systems or if it has to be made specific for each operating system version. In addition to that I was wondering if how they are issued. Like is there a new one every time you update your video card drivers, or is one created for an OS like WinXP and then it is always that file?

What I am trying to find out is how many official versions of this file there even are. Like is there 7 of them for 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista for example? Or do various video card drivers always drop in new versions of themselves?

Also is there a resource site where these can be downloaded for things like testing compatibility?
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Killd a ton

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Re: OpenGL32.dll versions
In vista you get the native dirver threw the grafic drivers.
In general i think that dirvers may also play a role as different versions are supported under different driver versions, but if it is just hooks or a full set i can't say, there used to be a ogl pack that you could install if you system didn't support opengl and that mainly contained drivers i belive.
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