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Old 04-10-2010, 12:22 AM   #1

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Lightbulb I'm working on Trequonia TC. New mod.
It will be a 1EP 14 levels mod.
The player will not be a fossa but a wolverine

The player

Brief plot about this mod/tc..
It was a peaceful planet, an artificially made planet.
But due to its extreme peace it had very lack of security and law enforcements, so later the planet got invaded by space pirates and evil aliens. A young Pantheist wolverine named Skyhv Knawvkiov who live in harmony with nature at the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) have heard the disturbing news that the artificial planet orbiting Earth had some serious problem that could in long terms threaten Earth and his home land "ANWR" in Alaska. So he must go up there and destroy Trequonia.
OBLIVION'S STATUS. Maps are 100%, Textures are 100% {FINISHED}
Current status RELEASED
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Old 04-10-2010, 08:34 AM   #2
Player Lin
Re: I'm working on Trequonia TC. New mod.
Hmmm, I'll try this TC when it released, but I just hope this will not hard as OBLIVION TC......that TC is really kick my ass off...
It's my ROTT introduce site, easily structure.
Sorry, please don't care my poor "Grammar of English"... *faint*
Sadly, it died temporary due to I used my all of times on RealLife(TM) and playing Games! XD
*Player Lin escaped from the hell of making website.*
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Old 04-16-2010, 02:02 AM   #3

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Re: I'm working on Trequonia TC. New mod.
Yeah. Rain forest were great in terms of design, but... you know :P You are a level building machine!
Ok, now it's my turn...
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