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Old 01-01-2003, 09:33 AM   #1

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Level editors
I'm curious to know if any new level editors are in
the works, I've got most of the old ones listed on the downloads page in the rott section, but they seem to have quite a few icons listed as disabled or 'not used' (wind and rain for example). A new level editor would probably have these restrictions removed. Thoughts?

Download Winrott here:

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Old 01-04-2003, 09:03 AM   #2

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Re: Level editors
This is a quote from Tedhelp.exe:

We were going to take out some of the unused tiles, but we left them in as
interesting historical notes. Note the "H2O", "Wind", and "Monk Wind" sprites.
These were sound sources to be placed in the maps, for rushing water (to be
placed near waterfalls), howling wind, and a weird keening sound. We never got
perfect sounds for these, and there was just too much else going on, so there
are icons for them, but nothing happens in the game when you use them.

The 1-18 triangles were going to be put in maps for indicators of what order
to do things. No time, so they were never used.

I did take a pillar icon out of NBACK1E, since it was never used and looks
weird. It was to be a tiled sprite, that looked like a ceiling-high pillar.
It didn't look right, so out it went.

So, there are lots of things in the development process that just get left by
the wayside, all for the sake of actually getting the thing out in this
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Re: Level editors
thanks for the info!
Download Winrott here:

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Re: Level editors
Hmm... Positional sound effects (Water, wind) could be programmed into Rott now.... that would be cool. I can see it happening. Most of the maps that are in the registered version seem to have some of these items (especially the wind) are already used, so you wouldn't have to edit the maps.
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