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Joe Siegler
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Read this BEFORE posting - THIS MEANS YOU!
There are some common topics you should avoid, or else your thread could be deleted or locked, and you will think we're mean, evil, forum Nazi's. But you've been warned. Proceed and you're likely to be eaten by a grue.

1) Release dates. This includes the latest magazine or website article that claims to know an insider who knows when. They don't. Simple as that. Also, ignore ALL release dates unless you hear them from us. This includes EB Games, Amazon, or anyone else - and we mean ANYONE. We will tell you when it's getting really close, and we will tell you when it's done. We promise. In fact, it will be darn near impossible for you to not know when it's getting close. You won't have to "read between the lines" at some website looking for secret info. It won't be a secret when we're ready to talk.

2) How long the game has taken to develop. We had too few programmers early on. Some tech took too long to do. We switched engines (only once despite what you might read elsewhere). We started over a time or two. And a bunch of other stuff. Point is, we know it's late, and you know it's late. Let's stop talking about it, ok? There is no new way you can think of to tell us how long the game has taken - we've heard 'em all.

3) System Specs: They are going to be steep. DO NOT buy hardware for the game now!! If you do that, you're likely to be annoyed when it's actually released. When we have specific information as to what the requirements will be, you'll know. In the meantime, wait until it's done and see where things are then.

4) When will you release media? A new screenshot or video? When will we release some? When we're ready. Asking about it every other day isn't going to help and it isn't going to hurry us. We know people are curious, and we're excited at the prospects of showing you new stuff, but not right now. Please don't ask. Just be patient.

5) Will you port DNF to Linux/Mac/Xbox/PS2/Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/etc.. The decision on what to port DNF to hasn't FORMALLY not been made, and won't be made until the game is about ready to be released (or after it's done - we simply don't know yet). Yes, some of the more recent consoles are more likely than others, but we can say that it won't be on Xbox 1, PS2, or the "last generation" of consoles, even if we do put out a console version.

6) Please don't ask "Will Feature X be in DNF?" : There are a lot of thread where people ask if a specific feature will or will not be in the game. We're really not going to confirm/deny specific gameplay/design questions. There are several reasons for this. First, things change over time and you never know what feature will make it. Second, why would we spoil the game by detailing all the nuts and bolts of it? There is something to be said for discovering things when you play.

6a) This also includes things like "What's the progress of this feature", and "What percentage done are you?" - both of these things are release date concepts or are attempts to ask for more info. Both are things we'd prefer you didn't ask.

7) Co-op Mode: There won't be any. That's it. There won't be any in an addon, either. There's been an excessive amount of threads posted about co-op in the past, and they all end up in "there won't be any". Save yourself the trouble and don't ask.

8) "My post/thread is missing!" aka Don't start threads about locked/deleted threads/posts : They were locked or deleted for a reason. Reopening that discussion. or asking why is likely to get your new thread removed as well. If you really want to know, PM Joe Siegler about it.

9) "I just saw on another site that 3DR is hiring!. Uh, OK. We have a jobs page here; this is not any sort of earth shattering news. Furthermore we don't allow discussions on us hiring or firing/parting ways with employees. It's the same reason we pulled all the web bios from the website a few years ago. Every time there's a change, it starts a fresh round of "They can't be doing good if they're still hiring now". The reality is that hirings is an ongoing process for anyone, but given DNF's history, that starts a fresh round of release date talk. So, experience has shown us this can't be discussed rationally, hence we've asked for it not to be discussed. Thank you.

10) "Does such and such work at 3DR?" - We removed the bio pages from the website for a reason. We are not ready for discussion on who is working here and on DNF at this time.

11) "Can you give me a status update?" - No, we don't do that for individual requests. There's been tiny pieces of news here and there if you read around the forums. Asking someone to summarize for you? Use the search.

12) "What about LameDuke Forever?" - A year after we released Duke3D, we released an earlier beta of it as a joke. This will NOT be happening with Duke Nukem Forever. No, you can not obtain the materials, you should consider them "gone".

Make sure and read the Official DNF FAQ before asking any other questions, too.

01/28/09 Note: Nothing's changed here, I just reposted it to make the post "newer", and therefore less ignored by people.
Apogee / 3D Realms Employee: Dec 14, 1992 - May 22, 2009, Oct 23, 2014 - current

"Lifting up the Cross to the waiting lost" - Petra | John 3:16
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