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Voxels -> md3 model [tuto]
Hello, I post this tutorial to help with the modeling of Shadow Warrior. This technique can help you if you want to have the right proportions of the game.

Result :
A voxel in your favorite 3D modeler ready to compile MD3 format !

Tools :
  1. SW.GRP
  2. Dragon UnPACKer
  3. SLAB 6
  4. VOX2V3A.EXE
  5. VOXEL3D (Shareware)
  6. Blender (Or your 3D modeler)

Let's rock ! :
  • Download Dragon UnPACKer in the official website.
  • Install it, open the SW.GRP file with Dragon UnPACKer, and extract a/all *.KVX files to your desktop.
  • Now, dowload and execute Slab 6.
  • Open a *.KVX file. (On the tutorial, I choose FLAG1.KVX)
  • And save the voxel in you desktop with *.VOX exention)
  • Download VOX2V3A.EXE here, and place VOX2V3A.EXE and VOX2V3A.C in your desktop with the *.VOX file (FLAG1.VOX in the tutorial)
  • Clic in the START button of your Windows OS, search, and execute CMD.EXE
  • Enter :
    cd C:\Users\Username\Desktop
    vox2v3a.exe FLAG1.VOX FLAG1.V3A
  • The *.V3A file has created !
  • Download, and instal VOXEL3D here.
  • Open the *.V3A file, and export it (*.OBJ file) in your desktop. Now, you have a *.OBJ and *.MTL file.
  • Open Blender, and import the *.OBJ file.
  • You can smooth the 3D model with sculpt mode.

Excuse me if I made mistakes in translation.
Voxels -> MD3 model [TUTO]
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