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  1. Duke Nukem Forever gets dissed!!
  2. Duke Nukem history
  3. Fun ways to see Duke Forever before it's done!
  4. Disk cache question
  5. Anyway to invert the mouse?
  6. What was your favorite version of Grabbag?
  7. Faces of Death - missing level?
  8. Why is the Duke3D song called Grabbag?
  9. Conspiracy theory
  10. Fast Food Stories
  11. Duke Nukem Eventually
  12. Question
  13. Hey is there a freelook mode in Duke3D?
  14. Sound Blaster Live not responding in WinME with Duke3D
  15. Duke Nukem 3D v1.7
  16. Song of the day
  17. Who yo gonna call? (Duke Nukem) - song
  18. Did you catch it?
  19. Dr. Proton's lament
  20. DNF cover art revealed
  21. [DNMP] Prismed v1.1
  22. Duke Nukem 3D vs Duke Nukem 64
  23. Fan-made Add-Ons for DN3D 1.3d-2.0?
  24. Top 5 Duke Villains!
  25. ACRSetup is Back! Fast and Lite!
  26. Duke nukem d-day. huh?
  27. Ever heard this Grabbag before?
  29. First impressions of the babes in green slime
  30. [DNMP] Cant find Manhattan prject anywhere
  31. Duke Nukem Mobile 3D for the cell phone
  32. Plans for duke on DS?
  33. Happy 9th birthday, Duke3D!
  34. OMG Look its Duke Nukem 64 DS!
  35. [DNMP] Makin Bacon!
  36. Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter
  37. Highres for WGRealms
  38. My grandpa looks like duke nukem.
  39. Duke Action Figures Idea...
  40. FF: Duke Nukem - Origin of an Asskicker
  41. Whose got better babes?
  42. Check out what I made for fun.
  43. Duke it out in DC not working...
  44. A link to a DNF story
  45. [DNMP] Shadow Warrior Billboard
  46. [DNMP] DNMP Crashing
  47. Duke Nukem main theme guitar tab
  48. eDuke not installing
  49. [DNMP] DNMP Save game problem
  50. What should 3dr do for Duke 3d's 10 anniversary?
  51. Hidden Phrase
  52. [DNMP] Hell has frozen over! DNEP has been updated!
  53. Duke3D on WinXP and other assorted questions
  54. dmo viewer / dmo database ?
  55. Duke Nukem: In Depth
  56. [DNMP] DN:MP Music
  57. [DNMP] Censored..
  58. Are you able to...
  59. duke3d
  60. [DNMP] First Boss
  61. The CONstruct Reloaded
  62. Why are all the captive women naked?
  63. Duke Nukem vs. Lo Wang
  64. A great new user-map for duke nukem
  65. Duke Nukem Mobile
  66. HEY STEVE!!
  67. Dn3D Elite ?
  68. Duke Nuke'em's shrinker
  69. My Duke3D City Map - Fumigate
  70. Sure this has been brought up b4..
  71. TEST: multiplayer duke3d
  72. [DNMP] User level discussions
  73. Grabbag Audio Remix
  74. [DNMP] So, was there anything about a SECRET LEVEL..?!
  75. Stuckin Duke 3D
  76. IDEA: Build Spy
  77. ACRSetup Duke Launcher 1.1.0 for JonoF Port
  78. Internet Multiplayer Tools/Programs
  79. mouse config : not moving while aiming is off
  80. QUERY: completed D3D The Birth disappointed :S
  81. TEH GREATEST DUKE VIDEO EVAR!1oneone! that I made
  82. New Map- Dark place5
  83. Funny glitch in "XXX-Stacy" level
  84. Sprite question.
  85. Secrets for Plug & Pray Duke Nukem 3d
  86. Secret E3L1
  87. Duke3D tournaments...
  88. Best duke maps pack?
  89. A.W.O.L. - An eDuke32 Total Conversion
  90. A DukeFan (NooB to this Forum) with a question...
  91. Oh look, it's a glitch
  92. Holly hell! Imagine this duke 3d
  93. Adjusting Duke's jumping height
  94. Your favourite Duke Nukem 3D Midi?
  95. War Pigs (v1.2)
  96. Modeler needed for The AWOL Project
  97. I just picked up Duke Nukem 3D.... again
  98. wav to voc
  99. Grabbag 8bit remix (Work in Progress)
  100. Duke Mobile Help
  101. Duke Coop Game
  102. duke nukem
  103. Help zipping up add-ons (DukeDC and Caribbean)
  104. grp extract
  105. Duke Nukem Theme Songs
  106. Favorite Babe
  107. Grabbag
  108. Duke Nukem Music
  109. Episode 1 maps
  110. "Just a number"
  111. [DNMP] DNMP Full version supplement to german magazine
  112. Duke Nukem D-Day
  113. Duke a ripoff???
  114. How many Duke3d games are left for sale?
  115. Duke Nukem's Day Job
  116. 3 bosses pic when u quit the shareware version
  117. Your favourite Duke sayings..?
  118. Who wants to play multiplayer?
  119. Finally got around to playing lame duke....
  120. DM First map
  121. Find Duke Nukem
  122. What cool things have you done by editing *.con?
  123. Anyone know of a Duke Nukem UT2004 skin?
  124. [DNMP] Try to convert the 3d grn files
  125. [DNMP] Is there any MP mods?
  126. WGCity released.
  127. running duke on xp
  128. Looking for a Duke Nukem poster
  129. Do you think this is odd?
  130. 3DR: Have you ever...
  131. vesa/svga modes
  132. Keep strafing right on duck 3d XP
  133. How many people own the Duke porcelain figure?
  134. multiplayer
  135. What is Duke Nukem D-Day?
  136. VG Cats does Duke Nukem
  137. Duke3D High Detail
  138. Exclusive levels under JFDuke?
  139. WGRealms + eduke32
  140. A working duke3d.cfg please?
  141. duke 's psychology test/poll
  142. Need a logo
  143. Total Meltdown maps
  144. Cycloid Emperor
  145. DN3d/DNF fan video... (not by me :o)
  146. DukesterX, anyone want to play some dm?
  147. Duke lines in foreign languages
  148. Time To Kill Soundtrack?
  149. Nuclear Winter
  150. Duke Action Figures
  151. Duke 3D compilation video
  152. I beat a Battlelord without taking damage :D
  153. DUke3D Fan-art... THIS TIME WITH COLOR!!!
  154. DukeZone II - Game Starts - Map Not Found!
  155. Your Thoughts On the Future of Duke...
  156. Sound
  157. Anyone ever play Duke Nukem 64?
  158. Mendoza's manual about Duke3D
  159. Porting Duke Nukem PS1 to the PC?
  160. Duke Xtreme Cons
  161. Should I get duke nukem total meltdown?
  162. Should I get duke nukem total meltdown?
  163. Was DN3D ever played profissionally?
  164. [DNMP] DNMP Icon
  165. If 3drealms makes Duke Nukem 5, what should it be?
  166. [DNMP] DNMP also cool in 3D
  167. The New Duke3D Babe Poll
  168. Inspiration Of Duke
  169. My Duke Nukem 3d game finally arrived(PLZ HELP)
  170. Moonbase is done
  171. Can someone give me a site to download dukester X?
  172. Should I get DNA?
  173. "Hmm, that's one DooMed space marine"
  174. Can anyone get Duke 3d to work naturally?
  175. Can anyone help me play duke online?
  176. Textures - Creating a new .art-file...
  177. Help!
  178. How I can do that?
  179. editart in xp or other tools for importing tiles
  180. How many addons are there for Duke Nukem 3D?
  181. anyone wanna play duke online with me?
  182. Duke Nukem Mac
  183. Duke Nukem 3D is the BEST FPS TO DATE
  184. Duke Nukem Zero Hour 2 hidden levels?
  185. Dukematch or Co-op?
  186. What is the difference between JonoF and the HRP?
  187. [DNMP] WTF? Duke frozen in time?
  188. John Saint John working for Valve?
  189. [DNMP] Can't use max resolution
  190. WGRealms 2
  191. Auqa Arena released!
  192. this may sound newbish but....
  193. I never mentioned this in the past, but...
  194. Duke Nukem 2
  195. New Cons - Enemy Duke
  196. Dedication?
  197. Help
  198. Duke 64 on revolution
  199. New Craptastic Level HELL YEAH!
  200. Finally picked up a Duke Nukem action figure.
  201. Ultra Duke boss battleout
  202. Awww great... Another confliction.
  203. The System - Greenrose
  204. Will the Duke nukem Duke out in DC work with...
  205. My Duke1 Level
  206. LAMEDUKE!!!
  207. Tiberius Mapping Station: Duke website
  208. Beerzity released. WGR user level.
  209. Tiberius Station 5 (sequal to EDF Base)
  210. [DNMP] The DNEP skins
  211. duke nukem comic book?
  212. Duke Nukem figure giveaway
  213. Just picked up Duke Xtreme..
  214. My Duke Nukem 3D speedruns
  215. A confiliction
  216. When playing duke3d, are you online or single play
  217. Artic Base released: the sequal to Tiberius Statio
  218. 1st person vs. 3rd person
  219. Where I can download...?
  220. What Duke game is this a pic from?
  221. Duke DM map
  222. Problems and problems
  223. Favorite Enemy in Duke 3D
  224. [DNF Fanart:] Duke Face
  225. "Total Meltdown" of my brain.
  226. Artic Base 2 (Artic base remake)...Need comments
  227. Online Duke Nukem....?
  228. Whatever happened to the original DNF?
  229. Is it legal to use DOOM 1 music?
  230. Virus in Lameduke
  231. *Sign here* If u have Total Meltdown
  232. Duke 3D 10th anniversary
  233. How do I play on the network?
  234. DN:Zero Hour; how to beat the Alien Brain
  235. [DNMP] Episode Poll
  236. What's your favorite map size?
  237. Heavy Metal versions of Grabbag & Stalker
  238. Duke Nukem Advance
  239. Question about Duke-Burger
  240. Duke Nukem:Zero Hour
  241. About tripbombs
  242. What do you love and hate when playing Duke?
  243. Best and worst level in Duke, and the reason for
  244. In game easter eggs :P
  245. Making an FAQ for Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown...
  246. My duke level
  247. Survival TC
  248. where does one download "the rancid meat port"?
  249. [DNMP] Can't access console mode
  250. Musicians interested?