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  1. Rise of the Source Code!
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  3. Compiler?
  4. Sprite help
  5. Source code layout
  6. ROTT models (wip)
  7. Type of port.
  8. Most ambitious project?
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  10. What do you think....
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  15. just curious
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  17. Demo syncing
  18. Level editors
  19. What do you want in a port?
  20. Linux/Windows/OSX ROTT 1.0 release
  21. It compiled, but it sure doesn't run - Linux
  22. Compile error?
  23. Sound effects
  24. TiMidity++ Music
  25. ROTT Wish List
  26. Window size
  27. Request: hi res build.
  28. Talk, talk, talk - let's Comm-Bat™!
  29. 640x480 patch
  30. Window mode?
  31. ROTT for dreamcast!
  32. Floppy installer in XP
  33. ROTT question for Joe3DR
  34. ROTT for SonyEricsson P800?
  35. Anybody home?
  36. ROTT on Xbox
  37. ROTT needs to go GBA
  38. ROTT ports and custom levels
  39. ROTT for Dreamcast- Split screen?
  40. Rise of the Triad for Irix
  41. Some issues under OS X
  42. ROTT on Gameboy Advance?
  43. Problems with icculus port in Linux
  44. Saving shatters all windows...
  45. Music crashes under OS X: testers wanted!
  46. Game hangs after killing boss, fixed
  47. Precaching on Big endian machines?
  48. When??
  49. Mouselook
  50. Linux full screen modes?
  51. Add on levels?
  52. New Rott cd availability
  53. 'Orphan' touchplates bug fix
  54. GP32 Handheld port of ROTT in progress
  55. ROTT for the GP32 RELEASED!
  56. Birgers/JB's WinRott Port
  57. masked objects
  58. ROTT can use DirectX MIDI
  59. source code projects
  60. What about a ROTT-to-Build converter...
  61. Downloadable version question
  62. Would 3DR Release extra actor stuff?
  63. Uploading Rott Source code project
  64. How do I get ROTT to install under winXP
  65. Save Game fix?
  66. OS X binaries back online
  67. Is anyone doing stuff with the source??
  68. Newline in AddMessage() causes crash
  69. official page RotT for GP32
  70. Static objects and ETOUCH
  71. Anybody need my help with a project?
  72. ROTT Code in ASM
  73. I need help with VDMSound!
  74. Graphics
  75. Windows XP to 98 - Original Rott?
  76. Some questions about Winrott
  77. WinROTT savegame problems
  78. What's up?
  79. Full support Rott art editor?
  80. ROTT on PSP
  81. Need a port for ROTT!!!
  82. ROTT Online
  83. Legallity question and ALPHA test
  84. WinRott troubles
  85. Dopefish Deluder
  86. ROTT Port for the Nintendo DS?
  87. New ROTT forum
  88. customized enemies
  89. rise of the triad original specs (BETA)
  90. ROTT High resolution pack
  91. icculus's source wont compile
  92. High quality music for ROTT!!!!!!!!
  93. ROTT success on linux/ppc
  94. Mouse work work in LAN game
  95. Birgers WinRott for Pelles C
  96. Birgers WinRott v2.24 for Pelles-C
  97. Birgers/JB's WinRott Port Thread Part 2
  98. Increase the brightness?
  99. ROTT - The Hires texturing begins.
  100. Need help with ROTT MUltiplayer in Source Code Versions through Linux and Windows
  101. Issues installing
  102. ROTT Editing forum.
  103. savegame editting
  104. ROTT Restore Game bug
  105. wolf2rott conversion tool
  106. Birger's Rott3Dmapeditor beta version released!
  107. Petition for a ROTT Client-Server Port
  108. WinRott bugs
  109. Improving the ROTT engine!
  110. Invert mouse?
  111. Using "super sprites"
  112. Portals in ROTT? No way!
  113. With the source code out, is it theoretically possible to...
  114. New Remixed ROTT Song (Remix of Goin' Down the Fastway)
  115. Top ROTT Levels
  116. Need help with WinROTT/WinRottGL
  117. anyone else here use the rott 3d mapeditor
  118. ROTT Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 Music Pack
  119. Always Run?
  120. What are the save games called?
  121. making my own maps
  122. Rise of the Triad's Weapon Balance and Hierarchy
  123. Bug in a map I made
  124. My expansion pack for ROTT
  125. Adding more weapons/enemies to ROTT
  126. Questions about RottED
  127. i want to play......online
  128. what happenend to birgers winrott page
  129. Rise of the Triad II
  130. ROTT in Snow Leopard OSX
  131. a little problem
  132. My homemade Rott map
  133. WinROTT Networking
  134. Rott for Ubuntu 9.10 Linux question
  135. my 3 level episode
  136. RottED improved icons
  137. My bonus challenge
  138. Game Keeps Zooming
  139. Best ROTT Editor?
  140. ROTT voxel pack
  141. ROTT Modding and Editing Forum
  142. Multiple ROTT Floor Textures
  143. Is there a WinROTT SVN Repository?
  144. ROTT Online?
  145. New Site: The ROTTPository
  146. Does anyone play ROTT on DS?
  147. New original mini-episode: Mike's Madness
  148. ROTT TC Demo Is Released For ZDoom.
  149. ROTT Multiplayer Tonight @ 21:00 UTC
  150. ROTT: The HUNT Begins Birthday!
  151. Rise of the Triad Headquarters
  152. Wolf3D TC?
  153. New mod for ROTT
  154. Want to merge levels into one wad
  155. in search for a new editor
  156. Would it be possible to "port" Doom to RoTT?
  157. Need some help with ROTT3D Editor
  158. Need help with some doubts
  159. Client/Server Rise of the Triad
  160. JBailey,The Tiles I want to add for my maps.
  161. Need help with Return Of The Triad
  162. new ROTT?
  163. A few doubts about gas traps in ROTT maps