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  1. Duke3D on Xbox LIVE Arcade!
  2. Favorite Duke 3D DukeMatch levels?
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  9. More previews up
  10. IGN Hands On
  11. Duke3D XBLA DM Scoreboard
  12. Thank you!
  13. we have duke nukem but what about the rest
  14. It is now Sep 1st
  15. One question, and on comment.
  16. Achivements
  17. My story of Duke
  18. 1Up and Gamespot previews
  19. How many points will it be?
  20. Duke Themes/Gamerpics?
  21. Who is gonna
  22. Crazy Duke 3D moments
  23. Noooooo!!!
  24. Duke Nukem 3D on Gametrailers TV!
  25. Customizable Button Configuration
  26. November OXM reviews Duke3D XBLA - and the score is
  27. Duke Nukem 3D to arrive on Sep 24th!
  28. A note about Gamertags
  29. are there videos of duke 3d for xbla ?
  30. Duke Nukem 3D XBLA Trailer Released!
  31. Location lock?
  32. Split-screen coop?
  33. Is the grabbag version from the trailer the theme for the 360 D3D?
  34. Awesome use of the duke nukem jam!
  35. how excited are you?
  36. New levels chapters?
  37. PS3 owner wants duke too.
  38. Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE Page Launched
  39. Versions (Censored?) and Release Dates In Different Countries
  40. Tell Duke to shut up
  41. Any ladder dukers around from "back then"??
  42. DN3D XLA Forum Tournament
  43. Congratulations on a great trailer
  44. downloadable content?
  45. Duke3D XBLA Banned in...
  46. Question
  47. Ranked Match Question
  48. Who will be there at Moment 1?
  49. gamerpics and theme
  50. Blurry graphics
  51. IGN Multiplayer hands on
  52. Official xbox.com Duke3D page is online
  53. System Link Support?
  54. Your Ass Your Face...
  55. No Tiny Tim, there won't be Co-op, and you have cancer, Merry Christmas.
  56. All the movies in 1 post
  57. New art assets?
  58. It's official - Duke3D XBLA will be 800 points
  59. Simultaneous release for all countries?
  60. Spin Cycle
  61. Countdown Thread!
  62. Duke Tag
  63. I hope
  64. Online achievements: kills tracked?
  65. Holoduke
  66. Question
  67. IGN Review of Duke3D, and the score is...
  68. Duke is out
  69. cut scene after killing boss 1 missing?
  70. Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA joysticks
  71. Ranked Maps
  72. The 200/200 Club
  73. FoV?
  74. DukeMatch Tonight
  75. Is it just me?
  76. That was psychotic
  77. Why a Separate Button for Running?
  78. 3d realms can read the future
  79. Just a Thank you to 3D Realms
  80. I can't download it!! NOOO!! Worst nightmare ever!!
  81. just a glitch or i dont know what it is
  82. ideas for updates if they will happen
  83. I want to play
  84. How many kills do you have so far?
  85. Exploit in game may lead to cheating the leader board
  86. motion sickness: Anyone else?
  87. Post your button setup
  88. Incorrect Stats
  89. May have found a bug with clip recording
  90. Suicide Glitch on freeway
  91. Sales Figures
  92. Co-op crash in Hollywood Holocaust
  93. Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough Launched
  94. Duke Nukem 3D XBLA Theme Pictures
  95. Sound effects glitch in Warp factor.
  96. 500 kills
  97. Box Art
  98. Plug and Pray
  99. Free code for the game - here!
  100. Am I a Dumbass or what?
  101. Mouse and keyboard with Xbox?
  102. The blackout zone?
  103. Fun match guys
  104. where can I see the leaderboards?
  105. Can't hold forward (or any other direction)!
  106. The Official XBL Gamertag thread
  107. Explosive Shotgun Shells?
  108. The Concept Art
  109. Another free copy of Duke3D XBLA
  110. Question about "Area 51"
  111. Anyone for some Coop right now?
  112. Saving Babes
  113. Memories for George Broussard/DuvalMagic and SteveB
  114. Tipping the Strippers
  115. How well has it done?
  116. Build 'Out of Sync' crash?
  117. Microwave Expander
  118. region locking work around?
  119. Strange Derelict Glitch
  120. Question for creators
  121. TeamXbox Review of Duke3D
  122. Your average metascore?
  123. 3d realms times for duke 3d xbla
  124. missing sounds or so i think
  125. possible Bug in controls
  126. True Skill
  127. How about...
  128. Speed Run Times?
  129. has 3drealms made good money off of D3dXBLA?
  130. Why are my stats from ranked matches not being counted?
  131. IGN rewards Duke with ............
  132. Duke Nukem 3D tops Major Nelsons Arcade list
  133. Any plans for other XBLA titles?
  134. The Birth
  135. Ranked Dukematch maps
  136. an idea for a skit
  137. Why not put the HRP up?
  138. Trouble viewing 'top 10 clips'
  139. Excessive Lag
  140. XBL and PC?
  141. Roatating maps
  142. Cleaning Up Server
  143. "ooh, umph, where is it?" achievement question.
  144. Controls Different From PC Version
  145. Turn the webcam off?
  146. Dukematch tips from the experts!
  147. Swapping Weapons Bug?
  148. problems when player dukematch starts
  149. Worthplaying.com Review of Duke3D
  150. Dukematches on XBLA
  151. Duke3D XBLA Review Roundup
  152. just a question
  153. Question Which will probably get me shouted at
  154. Idea: Auto Save!
  155. Question to 3d realms programmers
  156. Help with speedrunning
  157. Will we see a release of the live arcade DUKE 3d on windows?
  158. A few Duke3D questions
  159. PC/XBLA differences
  160. How do i turn mouselook off?
  161. anybody want to play?
  162. is it just me or is duke3d losing its touch
  163. Well, I guess I can't get Duke3D now
  164. duke nukem 3d leaderboards
  165. NXE and the DN3D Theme
  166. Duke Nukem 3D not available at some countries
  167. Feeling just a little jipped
  168. Best live match ever
  169. Xbox + mouse and keyboard
  170. Level changes
  171. A few neat glitches I've come across
  172. How did this puppy sell?
  173. Controls, changeable?
  174. #8 most played XBLA game of 2008
  175. Duke Nukem 3d Xbox Font
  176. More Achievements XBL
  177. new maps
  178. Leaderboards
  179. room jumping
  180. others could try doing it for you
  181. Duke3D XBLA Nominated for an Award
  182. A few questions before I buy Duke Nukem 3D XBLA
  183. Error: 80070017 when trying to download Duke3D
  184. Duke Nukem 3D XBLA now on Amazon.com
  185. laggy
  186. Rescuing the Babes?
  187. question
  188. The space ship in episode 1
  189. Duke Nukem 3D Xbox Live Full Version
  190. Ranked matches impossible...?
  191. this item isn't available from your current location
  192. Where is everyone?
  193. What is your favorite weapon in Duke Nukem Multiplayer combat?
  194. Duke Nukem 3D for PlayStation Network
  195. Community playdates for Dukematch on XBL
  196. Fond Memories 1996
  197. Wallpaper Idea
  198. Immortal
  199. Option for 3D (Anaglyph)
  200. Respawn Markers?
  201. DN Manhattan Project XBLA
  202. Duke Nukem 3D Multiplayer?
  203. Duke Nukem 3D Freezethrower trick?!
  204. im up for a game
  205. In Antcipation/Honor of DNF We Play Duke 3D!
  206. quick Question
  207. What Duke Nukem 3D XBLA Needs