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  1. 3D Realms is back. Anthology now available!
  2. Anthology Soundtrack Now Available on 50+ stores!
  3. 3D Realms Launch QA Session
  4. 50% off Duke Nukem Platformer Pack During Steam's Halloween Sale!
  5. The 3D Realms Vault: 1994 Design Tips from Tom Hall
  6. 50% Discount on the 3D Realms Anthology! Updated to version 1.1. Paypal support!
  7. 3D Realms Studio Tour
  8. 20 Year Anniversary of Rise of the Triad!
  9. 3D Realms Office History Part I
  10. Join us on the new 3D Realms TV!
  11. Orson Scott Card & Kroz
  12. Breaking News: Bombshell
  13. 3D Realms Office History Part II
  14. 3D Realms Anthology now available on Steam!
  15. The 3D Realms Website turns 20!