View Full Version : Turn the webcam off?

10-06-2008, 05:46 AM
I have my webcam connected for use with video messages etc, but would rather not use it for gameplay. On other arcade games like Uno you can turn the use of the webcam off, but I have not been able to find such an option for duke. I'd rather not have to unplug the webcam each time I want to play the game, so is their a way of turning this off just for the game (not a system wide disable of the webcam)?

10-06-2008, 05:58 AM
you could allways drape a small towel over the webcam if you can't find an option.

Stevey Boy
10-06-2008, 05:58 AM
Hmm, never come across this before, is it really too hard to unplug the camera?:censored:

10-06-2008, 07:22 AM
I have actually pointed the camera away so its facing the xbox. Just looks a bit weird in the lobby where everyone else has the gamer picture, and mine shows a close up of the side of the xbox!

Yes, I could unplug it, but that's not exactly the best user experience is it! There is all that messing around to make sure you get the focus right again when you plug it back in, or face it the right way, before you can use it again.

Don't get me wrong, its not a big show stopper or anything, I absolutely love the game, I was just wondering if I'd missed something, as I have yet to see anyone else use their webcam in the lobby.

Joe Siegler
10-06-2008, 10:14 AM
The only off is to unplug it, or disable video before you play.

If it is active, the game will use it - there's no "off switch" for the camera inside the game.

11-05-2008, 08:01 PM
you could point the camera at a wall or something.