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The Aliens

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Posted 09-04-2008 at 09:23 PM by Ironside

In the last century people from all around the world have been theorising about the possible existence of alien like beings. This is an idea that has met heavy resistance by sceptics and non-believers who rely on evidence and hard facts to confirm the existence of such creatures. The thought of aliens watching over us and abducting humans randomly for genetic testing has created a mixture of fear and doubt worldwide. The thought of aliens also causes confusion to people who find it hard to picture what an alien civilisation would be like and how it would differ to earth.

I will go over what a lot of people feel is a plausible and logical theory of an alien races culture and society and what they may be like both physically and mentally. Do remember however that although this has been thought over and seems a likely explanation it also may be in error and is just one of many ideas which could be possible.

The natural environment of an alien world would be subject to the distance of the planet from their sun. This will influence the temperature and weather conditions as well as the life on the planet. The temperature is a key part of the outcome of the world and would affect the planets environment and landscape. It would also become the shaping of the alien creatures themselves and adapt their genetic structuring and DNA to suit the climate of the planets conditions over temperature. The chemical compounds of the planets atmosphere could be vital to life as it would build up the creatures breathing structure (If they do breathe) and radiation of the planet.

Density and mass of the planet may contribute to the gravity which would determine the height and weight of any alien beings. Growth may also be affects by this factor as well as the ability and method of movement. The gravitational pull of the planet orbiting around its sun causing day and night could have a great affect on any plant life which requires light and heat energy from the sun to grow. Any moons in that orbit would have an affect on the gravitational pull and coastal shape.

To really give an accurate idea of what an alien would look like is far from easy and the only real way to find that out is to come into contact with one. Although a majority of people believe that aliens are humanoid I tend to disagree. Depending on the number of planets, which support life probability, would suggest that only a few would have beings similar to us. I feel that aliens would be very different as a result of many factors of the environment they have come from. Some alien beings may be so unalike that we would have trouble even acknowledging them. In my view some aliens creatures would look upon us as we would to a dog or cat. They may see us as low beings unable to understand even basic concepts, which they may take for granted. In many cases we may not have the brainpower to match up to their standards. This could be why we have yet to come into contact with any alien beings on a similar level to ourselves. This theory would also help to show why they are able to travel great distances and sustain their existence where as we are not.

I hope this has helped to clear up a few details about alien civilisations and maybe inspire you to come up with some plausible theories of your own. Remember however that the only real way to find out the truth is to come face to face with these beings. I only hope that such an achievement may be possible in my lifetime.
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    On April 17 of this year,Two friends were over and we were standing in my yard at around 10:00 PM looking to the west, There was a thunderstorm moving our way.The clouds were low at about 200 ft. and suddenly there was a light in the clouds and a triangular shape craft decended out of the clouds nose up.It had four sets of rectanguler lights on each side of the bottom,One on the top and one on the bottom in four rows leading to the rounded nose of the craft.It leveled out and put up some kind of cloaking device,it was almost totally invisible but we could see the outline of the craft as it was moving towards us.As it flew over us we could see the outline of the craft and the mirage of energy it was using to make the craft invisible.This was true stealth technology that made what we have look obsolete.It was totally silent and from what we could tell about 50 ft. wide.After it flew over us we looked at it from behind and saw a narrow white light with a grey looking craft above it.While we were watching it suddenly turned off the bottom white lights and flew back into the clouds in like a second or two,Very fast.There is no way this could be from earth, The technology we saw was at least hundreds possibly thousands of years ahead of us,It is the most incredible thing that i have ever seen in my entire life..We actually saw the craft from about 125 ft. away.We Are Definetly not Alone!!!!
    Posted 09-04-2008 at 10:00 PM by Ironside Ironside is offline
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    ReadOnly's Avatar
    Huh? Are you serious about the last story?
    Posted 02-12-2009 at 07:36 AM by ReadOnly ReadOnly is offline

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