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Disciples 3 - it sucks, why?

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Posted 08-03-2010 at 08:00 AM by December Man
Updated 08-03-2010 at 08:15 AM by December Man

Boring combat, linear map design, lack of freedom in choosing a hero, preset artifacts, useless shops, no need to hire other heroes, stupid opponent AI, mostly crappy character redesign, poor voice acting, probably the worst narrator ever, bugs, bugs, bugs.

Add the fact, that 90% of the missions are ridiculously easy and the rest is only a tad hard and you've got yourself a disappointment of the year, assuming you loved the second installment like me.

And why add critical hits?! I hate them so much! I think they have no place in any strategy game whatsoever! RPGs - ok, strategy games are about tactics not about lucky crits!

Ahh, I feel much better.

Not really.

The only element not worthy of scolding is the music... which gets very repetitive very fast, since they're only a few tracks.


This is unforgivable. Worst part is that not only did the developers copy a lot of elements from HoMM, they also did it poorly.

Again, bah!

The original development team ceased to exist a few years ago and some new dimwits decided to take on the franchise themselves. The result is pathetic, as you may have noticed already.

Most of the reviewers destroyed the game, and rightfully so. However, I doubt anyone will decide to revive the series again in a few years looking back at the failure of this game.

I hate them so much :(
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