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My Top 3 Game Disappointments of 2008

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Posted 02-10-2009 at 12:31 PM by December Man
Updated 05-05-2010 at 08:57 AM by December Man
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I might get flamed for the first two places, but the freedom of speech must prevail :D

3. Alone in the Dark.

Not much surprise here. The game would've been brilliant if it weren't for the bugs and design decisions. It had the qualities of a triple A title and yet all this effort was hindered. Even though it can be frustrating, I still think this title is worth at least trying just for the ideas.

2. Prince of Persia.

"Casualisation" is the scourge of gaming. This game has been simplified so much that you're not punished for anything. During acrobatics there is no thinking process. Just use the button which shows you the way and on we go. If we somehow fall down, no matter, we get magically teleported just a few seconds before the fall.

Combat is full of QTEs and is nothing more than endurance fights because, once again, you can not die.

And the prince is a jackass.

1. Grand Theft Auto IV.

I was led to believe that I'm missing something really vital by not playing this game. Critics were praising it along with players. I, being mostly a PC gamer, have been waiting for an appropriate patch to increase the performance. So, I finally got the game once the 1.2 patch came out.

The game was running from around 20-30 fps outside to around 50 fps inside, so it was no problem.

Unfortunately, the game is nothing more than a slight enhancement of the previous games. Few minor additions(like using cabs, the cell phone etc.) isn't going to change the fact that the missions are exactly the same like in its predecessors. Still no checkpoints during long multiple stage missions, even though other GTA-like games had it for ages. And to add insult to injury, the game is trying to get realistic and serious.

GTA has never been realistic or serious. I wouldn't mind it, if it weren't so pretentious with its seriousness and unfun with its realism.
The story in previous installments was full of humor and was trying to be semi-serious but not much. Here Niko is telling about 50 kids with cut throats and cut off hands by the church wall... Jeez man.

And Brucie alone does not a proper GTA humor make.

The driving, it was always arcadish which I liked, because I suck at driving games and here I could at least use a car properly to escape the cops. Here, no matter the speed and the car, when I hit the brakes the car goes apesh*t and turns around 180 degrees, sometimes even more. Try to escape 3 star cops like that and frustration is guaranteed.

The only good change is the combat, thanks to the cover system. Too bad it's so bugged. I think it evens it out.

Real innovation, semi-seriousness and semi-realism is your friend R*. Remember it. Cherish it. Love it. IMPLEMENT IT.
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