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Xbox 360 games and stuff

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Posted 03-12-2008 at 06:32 PM by Steve
Updated 03-12-2008 at 06:36 PM by Steve

I've purchased a few games over the last three or so days. First game I've purchased and waiting in the post is [i]Conan[/i]. Granted, it got some pretty bad reviews but I really enjoyed the demo - hack and slash. Love it. It really isn't that special and it the devs don't make it out to be. Just looks like fun to me. The $60 price tag is was nice, too.

I've pre ordered and paid for GTA 4. Heck, I've purchased every GTA without playing them first. The new videos of GTA posted at GT.com were pretty darn funny (cop vid for example). Can't wait until it arrives in the post :) $110

Also picked up FEAR for the 360. Heck, why not? I had it last year but sold it due to no time to play it but I've picked it up again :o Problem is that I also own the PC version which [b]no one plays online[/b] over here. It's a real bitch. I can fire up a game over live and have heaps of people to Vs.

R6 Vegas 2 I'm not too sure about. The first was good but I don't see any reason to fork out $110 for the second game. Just how different can it be? By the looks of it, not much :(

I've also realized over the past few days that I've already pre ordered and PAID for Duke Nukem Forever from a local game shop in [b]1998[/b]. Yeah, that's right I still have the bastard on pre order... and paid for :o

I've also set up the media extender on the 360 to connect to my Vista machine. It's pretty okay but the 360 doesn't like DivX. I'm pretty sure the last dashboard update added DivX support or maybe I read wrong
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  1. Old Comment
    Towelie2k4's Avatar
    The DNF pre-order made me laugh. :D

    Pretty sure you're right about the Divx support man. Didn't have a chance to try it myself while I had a friends 360. I do remember reading something about it not working when the 360 is being used as a Windows Media Center Extender though, not sure about whether that's been fixed yet or not (or if that even applies to how you have it set up).
    Posted 03-13-2008 at 01:44 AM by Towelie2k4 Towelie2k4 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Steve's Avatar
    The fact it doesn't work with the extender is ringing a bell. Hope they fix it :)

    Yeah, the DNF thing is pretty funny. However the shop is still open and still has it on file :)
    Posted 03-13-2008 at 03:54 AM by Steve Steve is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Llama Gibbz's Avatar
    Remember what you paid for the pre-order?
    Might have saved a nice amount of cash ordering it 10-20 years in a advance. :D
    Posted 03-15-2008 at 02:32 AM by Llama Gibbz Llama Gibbz is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Steve's Avatar
    $100 for the pre order :o
    Posted 03-15-2008 at 03:41 AM by Steve Steve is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Kalki's Avatar
    I'm hoping that's NZ$! :o

    Wait, they already debited your account? That's not right, they shouldn't do that unless the preorder is confirmed for shipping. For DNF, I believe somebody mentioned a max. six month (for the U.S.?) period between payment and delivery.
    Posted 03-15-2008 at 07:45 AM by Kalki Kalki is offline
  6. Old Comment
    Joe Siegler's Avatar
    NO WAY. Divx (and Xvid) in the latest dash update work awesome! One of the more minor updates in the last dash is that you can now stick avis on a USB memory stick, plug it into the 360, and you can play your divx/xvid files from that.

    The 360 never did that before the most recent dashboard update. It's awesome. Screw the extender, I never used it. Stick it on a flash drive, there's no network transcoding, you can just view it straight from the local machine. I don't even try using things over my network from my Vista machine. USB stick all the way baby. Buried in the press releases when the last dash update came out was a VERY technical list of the specific codecs supported in the update. I know some of you netheads are really hyper anal about specific codecs. If yours doesn't work, it's possibly because you're using some bizarre freaky codec, and not the more mainstream ones.

    As for pre-order, we at 3DR are not allowed to take your money unless we in good faith intend to deliver within 30 days. Now if there's a proven problem or something it can be excused, but we're bound to ship things within 30 days after taking someone's money. Don't know if that is universal or not.
    Posted 03-15-2008 at 05:28 PM by Joe Siegler Joe Siegler is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Steve's Avatar
    As for the extender, I'm no longer using it. It's problematic. For example I can run a DivX file from the file network file browser in the media blade on the 360 but if I try to play the very same file from the extender, it wont bloody work. As for the USB stick thing, I didn't know that :o Shame my 4gb died on me.

    In New Zealand pre orders work differently. When pre ordering we have the choice to pay now or pay later... I made the choice to pay now. I have paid up for GTA4 and also R6V2 (which arrives tomorrow!)
    Posted 03-18-2008 at 08:23 PM by Steve Steve is offline

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