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my random adventures
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the story i am working on Prologue and chapter 1

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Posted 02-15-2008 at 04:48 PM by evanazzo


I was always a straight A student. I was popular as a kid. Always had a dream of becoming a cop. I graduated from the police academy at the age of 24. I was the best marksmen they had ever seen and graduated with top marks. But how the hell did I become the founder of the biggest federal agency in the world? The I.I.A. (International Intelligence Agency), has world wide jurisdiction. The world police. We take only the most dangerous missions.
"Yo Joey!"
How the **** did I get here.
"Yo Mclean snap the **** outa it were 10 min from the drop zone!" I snap out of my thoughts.
"Oh shit, sorry Mac I was thinking."
"About what?" Mac asks
"Oh nothing really just, how the hell did I get where I am today."
"Anyway give me the 411. What am I doing this time?"
"You may not like it."
"Don’t matter. Give me the information."
"Well, you’re infiltrating the mob with Gutty."
"Oh **** me! Now if I'm busted I get tortured by Sergei!"
"I told yeah' you may not like it."
"It don’t matter I gotta do it it’s my job."
"Yeah so Gutty needs backup he’s ‘recruiting’ you and he’s meeting you at the drop zone"
"Fair enough, so who am I going to be for the job?"
"Brian Spildner, a mercenary. Worked in the army for a bit, then got in with ex ops. They take in people with military background and then train them as private contractors"
"Okay, what do I have for gear?"
"Look in the bag."
So I pulled out the bag and found all my equipment. My Five-seven (pistol) my Glock G18 (sub-machine gun) my M4 assault rifle, my browning shotgun and my Winchester sniper.
"We're at the Drop Zone, get your parachute, your equipment and open the hatch."
"Okay thanks 'Bird'."
So I got my stuff opened the door and jumped.

Chapter One

The best part about jumping is that feeling you get in your stomach when you first jump. Kind of like the one you get when you’re on a roller coaster. So anyway I was counting. 1...2....3...4....5. I pulled the string on my chute. Thankfully it opened. I circled around as I glided down to the ground. I spotted Gutty's car, a Mercedes g500, and aimed for it. Sadly I came in to fast and I hit the side of it. Gutty comes out and, trying not to laugh, asks, "You alright?"
"Yeah I'm fine," I respond.
"Good 'cause that was bloody hilarious!" Gutty says laughing.
"Oh piss off," I responded.
"How yeah been mate?" Gutty says, offering a hand to help me up.
Taking it I respond "Meh, same as always. How have you been?"
"Stressin', you know how it goes."
"Damn right I do," I say with a laugh.
We shake hands.
I suppose I owe y'all an explanation of who Gutty is. Gutty and I met when I was 14. He always helped me out, and I helped him out. We’ve been friends ever since. When I first formed the I.I.A. he was the first guy I brought in to help.
So we got in the car and headed off.
"Damn it dude, you better not have dented this car or Josephs going to be pissed." Gutty says with a smile.
"Oh shut up," I say laughing.
So we drive off catching up with each other until 2 shots rang out and our rear window shattered.
"SHIT! What the hell was that?"
"A gunshot you dumb ass. And you recruited me?" Gutty responds.
"Oh shut the **** up. I meant who’s shooting at us and why!"
"Well no shit," I say as I pull out my M4 (Assault rifle), load it, and open fire. I shoot at their Land Rover and notice there are five guys in the car, four of them firing at me. One in the passenger window, two in the two rear windows and one in the sunroof. Me, being the smart person I am, try to shoot the driver so I can kill five ass holes with one stone so to speak. So I fire on the driver but the glass is bullet proof. Figures. So I just start taking out the gunners. I fire rounds at the passenger who takes a crap load of rounds in the face. Now there’s nothing left of his head, and some rounds pass through and hit the guy behind him, killing that piece of shit, giving me the opportunity to focus on the guy in the sunroof. I have to finish off my rounds and reload twice then finally, as Gutty swerved to avoid another car, I shot the guy in the head. Now that just leaves the driver and the guy on the final back window. Gutty hands me something.
"Here use this." he hands me an rpg (rocket propelled grenade).
"HOLLY SHIT!” I say laughing, “Thanks mate."
So I set it up, and take aim, but then the final gunman opens fire with his tech nine (sub-machine gun) and clips me in the arm.
"****! The ass hole shot me!"
"Shoot him back then," Gutty states.
"See you in hell ass holes," I say as I aim the rpg, again, and fire. The guy swerves but it’s too late. It hits the car under the wheels and the car blows up and does a complete barell roll.
"Now let’s get the **** outta here," I say.
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  1. Old Comment
    i just realized my editor missed some spelling mistakes xD
    Posted 02-15-2008 at 04:50 PM by evanazzo evanazzo is offline
  2. Old Comment
    HazMat's Avatar
    not the greatest story but your working your brain so good on ya.:)
    Posted 02-20-2008 at 01:26 AM by HazMat HazMat is offline
  3. Old Comment
    meh i got bored so i decided id do something that would occupy my time till get better over the years.
    Posted 02-20-2008 at 06:03 AM by evanazzo evanazzo is offline

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