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my random adventures
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The Multi-Blog pt 3 :D

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Posted 03-16-2008 at 05:39 PM by evanazzo

I think i get more use out of this blogging feature then anyone else lol. Oh well here we go again

In this blog
1. The break
2. The project
3. Quake 4 and my playtime
4. Fraps and Windows Movie Maker

1. Well March break is over and I must return to school tomorrow :( *sigh* i hate this i have two projects i need to get done before April, I'm going to have a shit load of school work on top of that :( This blows but I have no choice

2. DAMN STUPID SHITTY PROJECT. 3-5 pages on why my future job it right for me. size 12 times new roman font. Plus i have an oral presentation. i have to make a display, I have to type out another 3-5 pages about what i need to do to get to this job. All due by April. I HATE CAREERS. Stupid school :(

3. This game is a lot of fun. i was playing last night and i entered the Id server and i noticed only one guy was in. his name was Player and i was like hmm i wonder if hes new. so we kept playing and he wasn't that good so i asked him if he was new. i got no answer so i told him t to talk. and hes like yeah I'm new so i basically trained him and showed him the ropes and then we got a flood of people come into the server and we played until the servers were shut down at 1:00 it was a lot of fun. i have no clue why i put this in here i just felt like writing it

4. I had a lot of fun using Fraps and WMM to make youtube stuff. I liked making my Quake 4 videos and i hope to make more in the future. I think its my new hobby. I had some frame rate issues with fraps but i just upped the frame rates to 60fps

Anyway thats all for now.
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