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Megadeth - Helsinki 2008

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Posted 02-13-2008 at 08:04 PM by peoplessi

[B]Megadeth[/B] kicked off their european tour from [I]Helsinki, Finland[/I] with warmup bands [B]Volbeat[/B] and [B]Ensiferum[/B]. This was called "[B]Tuska Winter War 2008[/B]". [B]Tuska[/B] Festival is very well known every year metalfestival in Finland. Of course I had to be there, field ticket was the only thing that I was going to settle for, and gladly managed to get. What made this visit special beyond the fact that it started the tour, is that it was the first appearance of [B]Megadeth[/B]'s new guitarist [B]Chris Broderick[/B] formerly of [B]Nevermore/Jag Panzer[/B] fame. He is great, very talented, and knows his [B]Marty Friedman[/B] era Megadeth really really well.

Ok, now back to the show itself. Two warmup bands, sometimes that could be too much, but it seemed to work this time. I shuffled to the near first rows in the field, and managed to get some 3-5meters from the stage.

[B]Ensiferum[/B] played first, I am not a big fan of their music which could be described as forest-metal or something like that :) They are finnish, and that showed when they came to the stage wearing only a loincloath around their waist. They played for good 30minutes.

[B]Volbeat[/B] was next, after short break. I had not really heard of them before they were confirmed to be a warmup band for [B]Megadeth[/B]. I watched few of their songs from youtube and got somekind of a picture of their music. Throw rock, heavy metal, elvis and you have [B]Volbeat[/B]. And they are from Denmark :) So, first song that I really liked before hand was [I]Pool of Booze Booze Booza[/I]. They had energy on stage, very engagin group. Vocals were very very good, although the other songs were not as good, but good nonetheless. Overall very pleasant surprise. They played for good 30minutes also.

Then it was turn for [B]Megadeth[/B], the main act for the night. They were really strong, not minding the slight problems they had with microphones and drumsounds, but they really excelled. Broderick was even better than I dared to imagine. He played the solos as Friedman did, but he didn't participate much for the backup vocalparts. Mr. Megadeth, [B]Dave Mustaine[/B], spoke only few times during the set "I don't speak so much during gigs, since you are here to see Megadeth, and not me talking all night". That was fine by me, but is very common practise for [B]Megadeth[/B]. Comparable to [B]Metallica[/B]. He did mention that he has finnish ancestory, wayback when M[B]ustaine[/B]'s were "[I]Mustonen[/I]". They played really tight, and they were, in my opinion, better than ever. They also mentioned of working on a new record , that was great to hear. All and all the gig was fantastic, I use earplugs on gigs and the soundquality was really good. There were few without plugs that complained, but good plugs are a must. [B]Chris Broderick[/B] was really good, and I hope he sticks around for years :)
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[B]--------[/B][*]Burnt Ice[*]Holy Wars[/LIST]
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