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Holey rusted metal, Batman!

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Posted 04-07-2008 at 05:08 AM by Klaus Kinski

This thing has a blog function?!
Finally I start to discover what this software has in store, what's new since... 2005?
Being of course overwhelmed by all the possibilities makes me feel like my own grandpa again. You know, slightly confused, unable to decide and instead shaking my head slowly, thinking "These kids today".
It was the same when I got my IPod nano recently. Before that I had a somewhat clunky GoGear from Phillips (?). The last 10 months of its life the HD was inaccessible. By the end of these 10 months I knew the lyrics of every song I had on this thing. Of course, being unable to upload new or at least delete old, already despised songs. How lovely! (Yes, that is sarcasm)
Well, then the GoGear turned into a StopGear because it decided to do nothing but glowing ominously with its display. I threw it out of the window.
You wish.
Of ourse not, I threw it into the garbage can, stupid. I care about the environment. And people who sue me because there's a mp3 player sticking in their car's windshield. I have no money or patience for lawyers.
However, I bought an IPod nano. The first time I had it in my hands I thought "Where's the rest, dude? And why is Apple so retarded to make the display a module you have to plug in the player?" As you know, the 'display module' was the entire player. Later on, I realised that too. I felt like Bill Shatner would've if he came on the set of the classic Star Trek show back in the days, the all or nothing days, only to be handed a [b]real[/b] communicator which could [b]really[/b] be used to tell Scotty to beam him up. Today we call these things cell phone. I wonder if Bill Shatner is amazed about that. I am for sure.
Where was I again? Ah yes, the fabulous IPod. It was exactly the same feeling I have right now, discovering that the player does not only have the double capacity and much more features than the shitty old GoGear, it was also less than half of the size. It's ridiculously small. And I could play Arkanoid with it when work became really boring. I'm in love. I wonder how our children would look.

See, there it is again, the genes of my grandpa, the curse of being old. Here I sit, driveling about totally unimportant crap, shaking my head, thinking "These kids today" and being generally confused. How could that happen to me?!? How could I become an old fart decades before I actually am an old fart?
Apropos fart, my bowel movement today was just spectacular. How was yours?
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