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Conversation Between CarThief and XTHX2
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  1. CarThief
    08-29-2008 12:33 PM
    Did you actually see some of the screenshots, or is the occasional blood filled room reminding you of things?
    Along with the teleport trap, required to get into next room, being some sort of other dimension, with... horrible beings. :P

    Just remember its a game, and cover your eyes if it gets too much. :P Or F7 works wonders too, if it isnt face hugging you, or waiting to suprise you, it isnt too scary.

    And i suppose traps can be used in more then just prisons, hell, maybe as protection for some boss guy.

    Well, feel free to call me on MSN whenever ready to test, in any case, hehe.
  2. XTHX2
    08-29-2008 12:25 PM
    If you can come up with a prison like map, sure it fits the theme anyway. You can also put engines etc as always.

    About your map... Why did it remind me of saw this much ? o.O
  3. CarThief
    08-29-2008 12:16 PM
    Ah, no scared of slimers eh?
    How about my crusher, if your feeling brave? It will be a multitasking hell slowly pushing you into your death... Hehe...
    Speaking of pushing... I got an new idea! Hehe... Oh it will be fun, very fun...

    But slimers are annoying, since they block view and plain pop up whenever they WANT to! Or there may be a minor desynch, in any case, their extremely annoying, and at times they can scare with a sudden face-hug-attack. :P

    Oh, most traps have security camera's too, for the sadistic type of people to watch their friend(s) fall into his/their doom, hehe.

    Edit: Oh, would traps be appropiate for Doom? As its called Doom, it has demons, evil big things, big guns, but i rarely seen traps. :P
    And i mean the kind of traps that are hard, plain wrong and pure evil. :P
  4. XTHX2
    08-29-2008 12:12 PM
    LoL I don't get pissed off from a small slimer.... :p I need more to get scared or in your friends case, run away in fear!!! :D
  5. CarThief
    08-29-2008 12:08 PM
    I suppose i'll try adding you, maybe with some luck its still possible today, its pretty much weekend by now, lots of time!

    And i'll give a warning, or better, we could dive in it together, well, with some of the traps that are not so fast in closing.
    There is still one unfinished, and odd trap i cant get to work properly yet, though it does unwantedly kill.
    But i certainly added some sounds for the mood, hehe...

    The map is currently small, but someone with an eye for detail can improve the current details, though the huge amount of viewed sprites will probaly lagg minorly.

    Ah, now to add and bugfix a little.
    And dont go freaking out like my friend does when a slimer's facehugging him, though its so amusing to see him walk around with it in terror! >:D
    Ah, the memories... I even had to kick it off myself... Good times...
    Edit: Added! If unsure if its me, compare it to the email on my profile, i guess.
  6. XTHX2
    08-29-2008 12:02 PM
    Hmm I don't know. Well I may test but probably tomorrow ok? I got some work to do with other people today. I got MSN you can find mine on my contact info. (Well remember to tell me where the traps are so I can prepare myself lol)
  7. CarThief
    08-29-2008 11:54 AM
    Since your not so very active at the DNR forum, it seems, i'll just ask here again.
    Would you still want to betatest that map? If things get too scary im always around, or go to the nearest RPG or pipebomb and blow yourself up. :P
    And i do got MSN and such for contact, if you want to test it.

    And if you really dont want to do the scary parts, we could always stroll around the small citylandscape, monsters are yet to come, though i did add several in traps and some turrets.

    As long as the multiplayer connection is somewhat fast, im sure its going to be fun, hehe...
  8. XTHX2
    08-29-2008 09:23 AM
    lol well, a short tutorial : Post your replies to the person you are talking to's profile. There's a cool notification system that tells "You have a message from " etc.
  9. XTHX2
    08-29-2008 09:04 AM
    Hmm nice to see you at 3D R :)

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