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Conversation Between Blue Lightning and Damien_Azreal
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  1. Damien_Azreal
    05-22-2009 01:10 PM
    Thank you.
  2. Blue Lightning
    05-22-2009 05:00 AM
    Blue Lightning
    Hey Damien, congrats on the super moderator job!
  3. Blue Lightning
    01-11-2009 07:38 AM
    Blue Lightning
    Oh. Well I thought the big post I made was worthy of some disscussion about waht 2K might be up to as far as their team goes, and what kind of product B2 is likley to be. Then Marimus the moderator comes on and screams about locking the thread. Does he have a anger problem or soemthing? Anyway I think there is more worthy disscussion possibilities about B2...but you might disagree with that I guess.

    The point is you might not think there is anything worthy of disscussion...but others might disagree, and might not want the thread locked. Thats all Im saying.
  4. Damien_Azreal
    01-11-2009 12:29 AM
    Not playing moderator.
    Just there's next to no info on BioShock 2 at the moment, so the discussion keeps going back to the same things we've discussed over and over again.

    Until there's some actual, legit info on the game... I, personally, don't see the need to keep the thread going at the moment.
  5. Blue Lightning
    01-10-2009 10:39 PM
    Blue Lightning
    Man, I didnt think you too were the "call for a thread lock" type. And how was I off the subject?
  6. Damien_Azreal
    12-25-2008 08:56 PM
    Merry Christmas. :)
  7. Blue Lightning
    12-24-2008 09:37 PM
    Blue Lightning
    Happy Holidays Damien. Thanks for helping me with Condemned and a few other things too. :)

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