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Conversation Between Thief and DerricktheW
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  1. DerricktheW
    08-08-2010 12:39 AM
    Im just pissed off that I've ever sold a version of it. I have it for PS2, but I don't have a back compatible PS3 anymore. Gonna look at more stores nearby since I KNOW I'll find one.
  2. Thief
    08-08-2010 12:27 AM
    eBay has so many copies of TS2 for Xbox...it's how I got mine, but for the PS2.
  3. DerricktheW
    10-24-2009 08:23 PM
    I haven't played the first one, but I've played TS2 and Future Perfect to death. From what I understand, the first one didn't have a story, or even really a good singleplayer structure to begin with. It was all just random missions with characters that didn't even fit into the universe. It was basically just a multiplayer focused game, while the sequels were a lot more fleshed out.
  4. Thief
    10-23-2009 10:17 PM
    Have you played the first Timesplitters? Is it worth getting?
    Both TS2 and TSFP have great SP campaigns. Siberia (Dam) in TS2 is probably my favourite level of the whole series (great music), but I just felt TSFP flowed better, and had a better story. Both addictive games though.

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