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Conversation Between Betelgeuse and evanazzo
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  1. evanazzo
    10-23-2008 09:09 PM
    We had an indoor skatepark but it closed down :\
    And yes Cookie monster OM NOM NOM
  2. Betelgeuse
    10-23-2008 08:22 PM
    ah man, that's a bummer, were getting into summer slowly, soon it'll be 40 degrees everyday, kills me haha, but not to bad for skating in, build a mini ramp indoors somewhere :p

    lol, om nom nom, cookie monster style... or motorbike? motor bike while eating cookie oma nom nom noma nom noma
  3. evanazzo
    10-23-2008 07:39 PM
    :D Thanks ^_^ Its getting colder again so I can't skate for much longer :\. Oh well I'll just munch on this cake until it warms up /me om nom nom nom
  4. Betelgeuse
    10-23-2008 07:37 PM
    haha, you're probably the only person on the forums who knows what a trey flip is :p
    they feel nice x)

    hey mate happy birthday for the other day as well!

    /gives cookie cake
  5. evanazzo
    10-23-2008 07:34 PM
    /me gives you candy
    You can to trey flips so you deserve it.

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