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Conversation Between Jinroh and ZuljinRaynor
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  1. Jinroh
    09-19-2008 06:48 AM
    lol. I'm not sure about that, he does like Pyong.

    Though Sonic Adventure 1 is probably more buggy than Barbie Horse Adventure.
  2. Jinroh
    09-09-2008 11:14 AM
    Coolies. I'm 1/4 Polish! ^_^ We're all one big Polish family! XD

    Well, that's good that he can teach mine could not. -_- But that does suck but kinda not about having a quiz each day because you'll definitely know it by the time the semester is done.

    That's awesome. My IT Teacher was kinda like that but he was older. lol. So not quite as funny. Really the interwebs are series of tubes? That's great! ^_^
  3. ZuljinRaynor
    09-09-2008 09:53 AM
    Hmm... apparantly I was misinformed and the club fair is tomorrow. Makes more sense since I have a huge block of freedom after noon. :D Makes it easier.

    I have Calc in 1 hour, and oh the teacher is Polish and has an accent (but hell I'm Polish so I guess I give him leway cause of that. :P) but he can teach. But Calc quiz. :/ Everyday... so I'll have to review a bit.

    My IT teacher is awesome. He finishes classes early, we get through everything but he's also fun, drops jokes... kinda nerdy ones like I make. :P Oh and the internet is a series of tubes.
  4. Jinroh
    09-09-2008 06:49 AM
    Awesome a club fair sounds fun. I suppose that would be today though. ^_^ It would be really cool if they had a Warhammer 40k club there. We had like a gaming club at my school, but it was well...unofficial lol. Just some losers playing DnD, Genesis, Dragonaball Z Pen and Paper game, and Call of Cathulu. lol.

    Wow. That's a lot of games for this week. I have trouble playing one and trying to beat it lol.

    Yeah, that's good that your calculus teacher can teach, mine was some guy fro South Africa who had an accent too thick to understand his math-talk. lol. Sucks that you have homework and need those books. >_<

    I hope the club fair goes well. ^_^
  5. ZuljinRaynor
    09-08-2008 12:48 PM
    Apparantly there is a club fair tomorrow so I might join some. I so hope there is a WH40K club. I so hope they also take beginners if there is. :P

    I'm probably gonna play some TF2, WoW, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, and stuff this week. :p

    Right now I got to review some math cause the calc teacher gives quizes everyday. At least he can teach.

    I still need my books for my IT class and my CS class. :(
  6. Jinroh
    09-08-2008 11:55 AM
    TF2 ^_^ Everybody's playing TF2. I've not actually played it. Saw the trailer on G4TV, but that was about it for me. lol. It looks cool enough and the art style is really cool, but I'm not a big online gamer. lol.

    Warhammer 40k is really cool my friend used to play it, but I'm cheap lol. I play Battletech.

    Yeah, gaming instead of parties is pretty much how I was in college DnD or Call of Cathulu was our other addiction. It sucks now I'm married and working so I don't have time for that >_< I'm 22 darn it I need some more time to play games. lol.

    Anyway, how was the weekend, anything new and exciting coming up this week?
  7. ZuljinRaynor
    09-07-2008 07:40 PM
    I'm fine. Just happening to be playing lots of TF2. :O It's the art direction that I love. :P I happened to buy a lot of stuff... lots of Warhammer 40K stuff. DoW Platinum on Steam and actual figures in real life. Paint too... so that came around $120 :/ But I wanted it. I also was really happy X-Com came to steam. Otherwise I'm enjoying my dorm life... TF2 instead of parties. :P
  8. Jinroh
    09-07-2008 06:58 PM
    Hello Zuljin!!

    ^_^ Thank you for the friend invite!

    How are you?
  9. ZuljinRaynor
    09-05-2008 08:21 PM

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