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Conversation Between Phait and Micki!
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  1. Micki!
    05-04-2009 04:01 AM
    This profile is a freaking wasteland...
    Wish i was there...
  2. Micki!
    04-19-2009 05:07 AM
    stop maeking daenihs boi crai ..!
  3. Phait
    04-18-2009 12:05 PM
    "It's not funny to all people to have the easy ability to slow down time"

    tee hee! ^_^

    FUNNY != FUN
  4. Micki!
    04-03-2009 03:11 AM
    LEGO is danish, but i think you knew...
    It's short way of saying "Leg Godt" where the two first initials are used... It literally means "Play Good/Well" as in "have fun"...
  5. Phait
    04-03-2009 03:08 AM
  6. Micki!
    04-03-2009 02:02 AM
    That's freaking cool..!
    I love lego <3
  7. Phait
    04-02-2009 11:56 PM
  8. Micki!
    03-30-2009 11:44 PM
    The offices of this dromatory is supposed to look up what happened, beats me why this takes them half a week to get into, normally it takes 10 mins, unless someone chewed the cables to shreds over there...

    So yeah, no idea what exactly is wrong...
  9. Phait
    03-30-2009 11:35 PM
    what happened to your intarwebz
  10. Micki!
    03-30-2009 11:34 PM
    I can confirm that the guy in your link does seem awful similar to me... :O
    Except i'm wearing pants... :D

    It's sad with no internet at home, i need my msn lovin' from Laffer and you... :(

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