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Conversation Between Jeff and Hyperactive Slob
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  1. Hyperactive Slob
    01-14-2009 02:20 PM
    Hyperactive Slob
    Or Norway Is another example. Even though the citizens own a lot of fireamrs they have one of the lowest murder per 100.000 inhabitants(Even lower then countries with lower Gun ownership or tighter gun control like Canada or The United Kingdom.).
  2. Hyperactive Slob
    01-14-2009 02:11 PM
    Hyperactive Slob
    Well Jeff I have to disagree about the the higher homocide rates in the US. I believe the reson that Homocide's are higher in the US is mainly because the high population increases the probability someone will commit a homocide. For Example because of Finland's Military nature everyone their owns a rifle and they have a low amount of homocides per 100.000. So I think Murder rates depend on more factors than the amount of guns.

    Correction:In Finland there are 32 privately owned firearms per 100 civilians according to the Finnish Ministry of the Interior.

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